The Road to Sotavento

Soelan notices the spell streak out from the fort, injuring the bear. That bear can't defend against magic... time to act!

He charges forward, just as the bear eviscerates a hobgoblin with powerful swipes from his claws. He screams a hissy roar as he charges into melee, a gigantic man-lizard that dwarfs the bear in mass, in fierce Chitin armor, wielding a quarterstaff that has spell-augmented knots and growths on it, while four other mirrors of him shift around him! Holding his quarterstaff at one end for one big attack rather than in the middle for two, he swings it like a greatclub!

After waiting in the shadows for the correct moment, the warriors from Lodis spring into action in unison. Soelan rushes forward, his oversized quarterstaff dealing a vicious blow to the hobgoblin already savaged by Xcas' claw even as the first keels over from his wounds. He reels from the blow but manages to keep his feet; he is clearly bleeding and near death, and it is with fear in his eyes that he remains engaged. Their discipline was not undersold, it would seem, as the motley-skinned goblinoid holds his ground in order to give his companions more time to fight off the Lodisians.

Meanwhile, Robyn slips through space to engage the spellcaster who had sniped at the celestial bear from an arrowslit. She appears behind him and, much to the smaller goblin's surprise, immediately plunges her rapier through his shoulder. The wound misses being deadly due to the shorter creature's posture and height but still wounds him severely and he whips round, arm hanging loose at his side with a look of shock, preparing to engage this new adversary.

Following the death of one of their brethren, the goblinoids redouble their efforts. The one wounded by Soelan closes deftly with him and swings, connecting solidly through a chink in his chitinous armor. However, the version of the clergyman which he had struck vanishes into a tiny puff of smoke. The hobgoblin staggers slightly as his sword passes through the insubstantial figment, leaving four images of the Lodisian remaining.

The other hobgoblin strikes against Xcas, but once more his weapon fails to pierce the bear's celestial skin. Robyn fares worse while inside the structure, as both bow-wielding hobgoblins take aim at her. One of the two arrows flies true and strikes her even as the goblin sorcerer finishes his spell. Though the arrow flies true, it strikes a field of invisible force inches from her skin and deflects off into the darkness. Meanwhile, the spellcaster tries his luck; his hands crackle with electricity and he reaches out to grasp her but misses by a bare inch, cursing in his guttural tongue as his spell can find no purchase on the lithe woman.

The bear looked even more enraged as one of the hobgoblin dropped under his powerful blows. Dropping temporarily on all fours, he charged in the middle of the group and stood again on his stout hind legs, reaching at the two remaining opponents with his teeth and claws.

Urranian took a quick look at the field of battle from his hiding spot ans smiled, relieved. When his friends sprung to action they distracted enough attention from his companion that he didn't look in any immediate danger any more. He kept concentrating on his spell, knowing that dropping it would instantly rob away the bear from some of his
super-human does not apply to a bear
super-bear strength.

Tightening the grip on the hilt of his sword, Cairrad raises the crystal blade in a mirror of the Hobgoblin's own salute as his eyes divert to the closest of the huddled prisoners. That a fight was inevitable was assured. He had come to peace with that notion. The victor, however, was uncertain - but he would give everything to make sure that they had a chance to escape, no matter what might befall him.

"If you think you have an opening, run. Take the stairs just outside this room to the second floor. I secured a rope that will get you down away from the fighting."

With a deep breath to center himself and calm the blood rushing through him, the elf assumes his own fencing stance as he moves into the room and away from the door - feet spread to shoulder width and knees bent, the left side of his body angled slightly towards the human's jailor. The blade, still pulsing quietly with bridled power, held tight in both hands parallel to the floor and on level with his head.

ThenysilThenysil’s eyes widen in shock when he sees some large monstrosity come charging out of the woods to attack the Hobgoblins, for a moment his fingers tense and his mind immediately regresses to that of instinct. However, daring to let himself think for a moment he comes to note that the new being is not an enemy, but the old codger who spoke too much up to his tricks yet again. In the face of sneaking again he huffed derisively, taking one last look at the fort in which projectiles had shot out from to ensure another barrage didn’t seem imminent before adding himself to the list of targetable nimrods in the open-- a most uncomfortable and unwelcome action.

Curse this luck…

Soelan hisses as he watches the bear proceed to brutally maul one of the hobgoblins, leaving only a single, injured hobgoblin in melee. Thinking to himself, The bear can mop him up, I should head inside, he hustles around the hobgoblin, making sure to remain away from the threat of the hobgoblin's weapons, going wide as he approaches the door...

Robyn takes a five-foot step to move so that the spell caster is between her and the archers. She then will
Dice Roll: 1d20+3
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 9)
thrust her rapier at the goblin mage again, trying to
In the unlikely event that I hit with that roll, Damage:
Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 4
skewer him.


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