Unrelenting Light, Warded Psychic Circle (jerk) Room

Unrelenting Light, Warded Psychic Circle (jerk) Room

The room is noticeably colder than the rest of the ship. You can smell the ozone crackle where the psychic wards are in place. Servitors of every type sprinkly holy waters and oils and chant hymns of warding to the Emperor. In the center of the room is a heavy, wrought iron table. Inscribed in its lengths are versus of protection to the Emperor. Surrounding the table are eight chairs. Even from this distance they appear to be designed for comfort in mind as well as the weight of a fully armored space marine.

In the center of the table, the recording is spinning in mid-air. It is held there by a suspension field and by its lack of movement, a stasis field as well. While you do not have to make physical contact, you will have to lower the stasis field for the process to work.

Taking your seats around the object, they inflate and fill, becoming surprisingly comfortable. These have been built with the idea that someone would be sitting for an extended period of time.

WP 83

Constantine prepares himself for the mental strength and conviction needed. He begins by reciting the rotes he'd learned to help focus his mind. When he's ready he reaches out and connects with the other minds prepared to help him. When he's satisfied he begins trying to access the message.

Tendrils of chaotic energy play over the form of Constantine, as they burrow into his psychic defenses.

WP 73

The chaotic energy crackles across Constantine as it rages against him. He tries to bring it under control, but the energies are proving to be to strong for even him.

With great difficulty, you thoughts and projected into the recording. This is a disturbing blur and then your eyes snap open.

Looking around you each see a ghostly image of yourself superimposed over the body of a Storm Trooper. You hear a voice over the vox units on your throat as you look out of the eyes of the storm troopers you are layered over.

"Prepare to jump in 30! Remember, you must navigate your way to the target. You are carrying enough explosives to destroy a bane blade with and you have the target designation device. You must continually keep it locked onto the target until the sync-rune activates. Then get the hell out of there. You got one shot at this, so good luck to you and the other 10 teams deploying. They will sell their lives to the god-Emperor for you. All our hopes rest with you. Prepare to jump on 3, 2, 1.."

A green light comes on inside the Marauder bomber as you jump. You can hear your breathing in your mask and nothing else as you drop from an extreme height. Like a bolt shell you rocket downwards through the sky, finally hitting a point where you hear the rush of air past as your grav chute deploys and enables you to have a smooth landing. In the distance you can see the gathering stormclouds, thick and black like smoke.

Your arms lift up and check that that is the target area . The image seems to get fuzzy as you
I need a WP check from Constantine
move out....

Constantine tries to maintain control as they transition through the message.

Dice Roll: 1d100u73z
d100 Results: 61 (Total successes = 2)
WP 73 (2)

The image fuzzes back with the thud of lasbolts raining down around your position. Above you, you see a
floating eye like thing above you. Information floods into your mind, a memory that isn't yours. You remember creeping along, and then hearing a wailing cry. The thing had been so quiet that you didn't remember seeing it float in the sky before its inhuman cry sounded. Suddenly, they were everywhere, these cultist of chaos. You know you must finish them quickly before they send for help or get reinforcements. You feel your soul hold tightly around the body you are in, like you are there. The taste of dirt and sweat, the hiss-pop of lasbolts and the feel of your weapon in your hand.

Ben finds himself in a all too familiar position as a guardsman. Inspecting his uniform colors and markings, he quickly notes things. Elysian drop stormtrooper squad, NCO. Emperor, I always hated these guys. While the uniforms may look different, they smell the same. Blood, sweat and shit. The Daemon thing is new experience for the troopers, though nothing Ben himself has not experienced, even as a trooper. Though his entire platoon was then wiped out to a man, thought here it seems the casualty rate might be more...complete. And his name is Crow.

Nevertheless there is work to do. He decides to shoot the floating eye demon before he jumps into melee with the heretics

Martialis feels his soul permeate the memories of one of the storm troopers. A name, Thudson, Pvt Thudson heavy weapon storm trooper of the 14th Elysian Storm Troopers.

The eye daemon roars signifying the cultist to unleash a savlo of las shots to start streaming onto their position Thudson is swinging the barrel of his multi-laser around, pointed at the cluster of heretics and fires his own salvo of deadly las fire "Eat this heretic scum."

Constantine can feel his soul pulling close to the trooper. A torrent of memories flood his mind as he tries to understand the situation. His training kicks in as las bolts fly and Constantine/Hicks jumps into action. He lifts the lasgun and fires a semi-auto burst of las bolts into the daemon eye.


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