Unrelenting Light, Warded Psychic Circle (jerk) Room

Severinas inhabits the skin of a bright young lieutenant as though he belonged there, every sensation fresh and real against his senses. Glancing down at the carbine in his hands, he raises it to his shoulder and fires alongside his squadmates. Without meaning to, he finds himself shouting into the microbead receiver. His voice emerges higher and less forceful than he can ever remember his own being.

"Bring it down!"

with an explosive display, the eye things explodes in a shower of spores and game, raining down on the squad....

WP 73

Constantine focuses on maintaining the connection to the message as he feels it begin to slip.

Dice Roll: 1d100u73z
d100 Results: 57 (Total successes = 2)
WP (2)

the image comes back into view as you see the corrupt spores take root. A small field mouse catches your eye, you see the spores touch its body. It starts to rack with pain, it arch's it back so violently that you can hear a soft crackle even with past the snap-hiss of lasgun fire.

With a screaming charge, the corrupted squad that you can barely tell is human comes charging at you. Their cry is the cry of chaos as the yell "DEATH AND DECAY!!"

Lieutenant Hope shoulders his lasgun and aims carefully, mindful of the distance. Center of mass, always center of mass...

Hickz fires another semi auto burst of lasbolts. This time he directs them into the charging chaos troops.

Having managed to missed all of the cultists the first time Thudson unleash a string of expletives before lining up for a second salvo of las fire.

Sgt. Matthews unleashes a hail of bolts at the oncoming heretics, happy that the demon has been killed.

Your shots tear in the squad, you can see the spray of blood in the air and feel the satisfaction of the squad for a job well down.

As the feeling fades, so does the tight attachment to their bodies.....

WP 73

Constantine reasserts his control as he feels the connection waver again.

Dice Roll: 1d100u73z
d100 Results: 3 (Total successes = 7)
WP (7)


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