Unrelenting Light, Warded Psychic Circle (jerk) Room

you come back into the bodies and the first thing you know is that you are running. Pulling deeper into your host subjects thoughts you get a sense of fear and surprise. They become more coherent in seconds. You get one thought.

The dead walk and they are right behind us.

Swallowing his fear - if that new sensation is fear - Lieutenant Hope glances over his shoulder and reaches for his chainsword. He hesitates to look, but he must know what it is that chases them...

Lt Hope sees the bodies of 5 of the chaos scum that had killed about an hour ago behind them in a lurching jog. In front some kind of daemonic single eye creature.

As the fear of Lt Hope started to overwhelm your spirit, your rites to the Emperor shunted it away. You can see though the haze of Lt Hope's eyes that a Plague Bearer class of Nurgel Demon is leading the charge. You can feel that it is leading or strengthening the bonds held over the dead chaos cultists.

As Constantine fuses again with Hickz he feels a sense of dread and confusion. Looking back at what is following them he sees the shambling creatures. "Turn and fire!"

At the captain's word Thudson about faces and brings the multi-laser up unleashing a veritable storm of shots down on the decrepit things. "Die you son's of b****'s. Die!"

"Come get some, come get some, come get some!" Sgt. Mathews screams as he unloads his storm bolter into the Daemon.

Hicks stands firm in the fire line and unloads another semi auto shot of las bolts.


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