Unrelenting Light, Warded Psychic Circle (jerk) Room

Dice Roll: 1d100u40z
d100 Results: 100 (Total failures = 6)
dodge las fire (-6)

Dice Roll: 1d100u50z
d100 Results: 33 (Total successes = 2)
Power fist attack vs Plaguebearer, WS 40 -10 flies +10 charge+10 outnumber (2)

Dice Roll: 2d10+6z
d10 Results: 9, 4 (Total = 19)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 2d10+6
Original Dice: 2d10+6
damage if hit, pen 9 (19)

With a cry Mathews launches forward, catching a lasbolt as he bears down on the plaguebearer, the power fist bearing down for its putrid husk.

The plaugebearer attempts to bring up blade up to
Dice Roll: 1d100u45z
d100 Results: 79 (Total failures = 4)
block the blow (-4) but fails. The powerful punch causes it to wobble slightly, diseased spittle flies from its mouth. it's head snaps back with a snarl.

Hickz jumps out of the way of the shots managing to avoid getting hit. He aims into the zombie crows and fires las bolts in return. The jumping and diving throws off his aim.

Lt. Hope swings his chainsword in a low arc, doing his best to support Matthews until he can land a solid blow with the power fist.

Ill equipped to go toe to toe with the plaguebearer alongside sgt matthews and Lt Hope Thudson plays to his strenghts and focuses on the shambling horde. Aiming his multi-laser he unleashes another salvo las fire at the walking dead.

Caring nothing for his safety, Sgt. Mathews attack the plaguebearer furiously.

Hope swings again with his chainsword, narrowly missing what might have been a clean hit on the plaguebearer.

Hickz keeps the torrent of laser bolts firing towards the zombies.

Hickz tears the arm off of a zombie. It shrugs at him, picks up his arm holding his lasgun and holds the limb in one hand. The disembodied limb
Dice Roll: 1d100u30z
d100 Results: 36 (Total failures = 1)
shoots (-1) a
Dice Roll: 1d10+3z
d10 Results: 2 (Total = 5)
las fun blast Pen 0 (5) right back at Hickz.

The plaguebear attempts to
Dice Roll: 1d100u45z
d100 Results: 93 (Total failures = 5)
parry (-5) the second blow by the veteran sergeant.

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