OOC: Silently Chatting

I'll take intitiave and plan things out... But feel free to object or make suggestions as we go, and in this thread.

We will be using Fillydelphia's system mainly... With some changes.

For now, you can just add 10 to Zip's health... that way you have some room to make mistakes.

Also, you can level up here.... I'll award experience relative to some other game systems I know in comparison to what you accomplish. You don't have to worry about that for now, though.

Aside from that... Since this is play by post, we don't have to be on at the same time... We can just post when we can and eventually get it done. If you want, and I'm on Fillydelphia, you can tell me you post as soon as you post, and I'll go respond. If you want I can also let you know in the same fashion, but if you think that'd be annoying I won't do that.

Aside from that, I think we're good to go.

oki doke...so were not using the hard stuff...the...pony tales thing?

btw, um...I will just reply when I can. unless it really important i don't think we need to whisper in filly about who posted

Nope, no hard stuff...

Okay, good to know. I'll only whisper to tell you about something I feel like you might have trouble with. I've gone ahead and started the first topic... Nothing too amazing...

At the top left of the page you can see a tiny string of links...

Myth-Weavers > Games > Silent Pony - OOC: Silently Chatting

You can click 'Silent Pony' to get back to the forum where other topics like this one is. You can go ahead and start RPing whenever your ready. You can use this topic to ask anymore questions. I've also started a thread called 'Characters'

There I want you to repost Zip's stats so we can begin to edit them... And keep track of them as needed.

Lastly, I want to ask you how much longer do you want this to go on? Should I try to end it as fast as possible? Or should we just have fun with it?

Also... Can I ask you to tell Fable about this?

1. Do you want me to do the stats before we begin?
2. I don think it needs to end like...tonight...but kinda soon ^^;
3. I will indeed inform Fabes about this, when I can...sometimes she's hard to get ahold of

That's all okay. Try to use the edit feature, btw.

You can start RPing right away, just post the stats soon.

Finishing kinda soon is kinda vague... Well we'll see how fast we can get it done.

Ah okay... Kewl. She should be able to see even without registering... Although she should have her old account though...

Um.... To edit... On the left side of the page... Left from the message you are trying to edit, there is a word that says edit. Click it to edit. Amazingly.


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