OOC: Silently Chatting

Sketchy, did you see I invited you to my other game?

You don't have to join if you don't want, but here is a url to rule revisions that you can take advantage of, if you want to. Included is a quickness based attack and dodge move, along with other simple skills you can try.

I don't know how to work this i think I may have responded to that...but i don't even know...

Anyway, sure! Sounds cool! What's it about?

Never mind I read it. It looks fun! it going to be separate threads the whole game? Or are the players eventually going to band together and what not?

Eventually band together... Stay if they want to. I would hope at least some would stay together.

Fable already said she thinks the system is too complex for her tastes though.

well...I might derp through it...and look like a noob....but i think I'll try it out

Great! ^^ Hope you have fun... And don't worry this is my first time GMing... Or... PMing... Except with you... Plus I doubt many of them have used the Pony and Puzzles system before.... And then there's my revisions... So basically, we're all noobs. Just try to have fun with it.

So, turns out you did post last. Sorry I lost interest.

I promise not to let it happen again. I have a clear understanding of how to end the RP, and a few good twists along the way to keep things interesting and fun while we get to that ending.

Hopefully, you enjoy it.

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