Silent Pony

Silent Pony

Narrowly escaping the grasp of the creature in the darkness, Zip finds himself greeted by the misty evening air. The streets of Ponyville are deserted for as far as the eye can see, which is not far considering the dense fog that surrounds Zip.

The door to the home he had just escaped to was closed... For now... But as soon as Zip starts to feel comfortable a dry scratching sound could be heard from just beyond the door. A dull thud shakes the door ever so slightly, as somepony has fallen against it. The sound of hooves scratching against the door start to eek out, as the handle starts to shake...

Zippity gulped, he backed up ever so slightly, but watching the door. He braced himself for what would come next, but that reminded him... his...companions were in there. Weren't they? Or was it another figment of his imagination? Perhaps they never were?

He straightened his helmet again as he backed up a little more. He was...sort of...ready to face this thing if it came out, but...its not like he wanted to be right next to it when it did >.>

The long, curved handle of the door began to shake and turn violently. The loud clicking echoed down the empty streets. Zip seemed to have chosen not to flee when he had the chance, and instead stood ready to face the darkness. Finally the door handle turned and the door swung open. The disheveled form of a dark gray mare spilled out of the darkness. Her form was deceptively thin and she looked malnourished. Her gray mane was messy and fell over her eyes. She was wrapped in bandages that covered even her mouth. Her frail frame shivered on the ground in front of Zip, and her hooves slowly moved to begin to lift her up.

Zippity lifted his head and blinked a few times at the appearance of the monster. He was surprised to see...a mare...a zombie looking mare... He stood there for a moment confused, but shook his head to focus again. He looked around for something...anything, to defend himself with.

Against the outside of the house the monster was coming out of, was a pile of junk and trash. Zip spotted something useful in there though, a crowbar. He didn't have much time to grab it, and even if he did move to get it, he would only be moving closer to the mare. He stepped cautiously to the side, making his way over to the other side of her and to the crow bar. All the while keeping his eye on the monster, and still braced for an attack.

The mare seemed to finish getting up onto her hooves as Zip eyed the crowbar, hesitating the move from his spot. Had the fear caught up with him. The creature began to slowly shuffle towards Zip, getting closer and moving between him and the shinning glint of light that was reflecting off of the crowbar's metallic surface.

Zip was right next to the crow bar, he slowly picked it up, but was trying not to make any big movements. He treated this threat like a wild animal, not sure what would upset it, but being cautious and careful was the best way to go on this. Maybe he should try talking to it? She was an equine after all...

He gulped, "Look...I don't want any trouble..." ...What was he doing? -_-

As Zip had moved past the mare, she did not turn towards him, and instead just continued shuffling towards where he was. When he opened his mouth and called out to her, it suddenely turned to him, throwing up its hair and revealing only more darkness where its eyes should have been. It opened its mouth underneath the bandages and let out a horrible moaning cry as it lunged towards him.

Lunge Attack using Gumption:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 2 (Total = 7)

"Augh!" He griped the crow bar and thrust it out in front of him to block her attack.
Dice Roll: 1d6+2
d6 Results: 6 (Total = 8)

Then he tried to use that force to push the attacker off of him ((Don't use this next roll if the block didn't work))
Dice Roll: 1d6+2
d6 Results: 4 (Total = 6)

"Geez! Sorry I tried to talk to you!" Obviously she wasn't social type.

Zip acquired a crowbar.

With another dull thud, the sickly shadow's weight comes down upon the crowbar held up in defense. The bar impedes its movement forward, to which it protests with a series of unintelligible groans and grunts. Zip succeeds in managing to keep the creature at bay... For now..

Dice Roll: 1d6+5
d6 Results: 3 (Total = 8)
The creature relentlessly attempts to move forward, despite Zip's attempts to throw it off of him.

The two seemed locked in a stalemate for the moment.

Zip realized this deadlock between them, and held out for a few seconds more as he thought what to do next. He would then try to make a quick maneuver to get out from under her. He became relaxed just enough for the force of the monster to win over. As it toppled over him, he used his quickness to duck under her and get on the other side.
Dice Roll: 1d6+4
d6 Results: 6 (Total = 10)


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