Silent Pony

Resting out in the open wasn't the best idea... Especially after making all that commotion. It wasn't long before the sound of something awkwardly shuffling towards them could be heard. As it got closer, it sounded like several somethings dragging closer and closer.

[Zip regained 1 HP and half his total MP (rounded down) while resting.]

"Che.. They just keep coming... This is pointless..."

Zip gasped and blinked his eyes open, he looked around, "More?!" he scrambled to his feet.

"Wait...small fry??!" he quickly buckled his helmet back on and followed the pony, where ever he was going.

The sounds got father and farther away as the two leisurely walked away. Apparently running away was an option the whole time. The creature was strong, but incredibly slow.

"I'm going after the big one... gonna end all of this..." he explained. He looked to Zip for a moment arbitrarily, but then looked back.

"You know... if you got that armor... you might as well use it..." he briefly explains how to better utilize knee pads in battle. A lot of what he says goes over Zip's head, but he manages to absorb the basic gist of what was being said.

[Your armor now adds +1 to defense attempts. Your roller blades add +2 to Quickness.]

"...hmm... I'm not repeating myself... So I hope you got it.... Anyway... I've exhausted all my leads... where do you think we should go next...?" he seems to have accepted Zip's presence for now.

Zip nodded and listened as the kid briefed him on his armor. He was glad the kid wasn't trying to ditch him, right now he couldn't even begin to express his gratitude towards him. He wasn't sure if the brash pony would even accept it...

"Thank you....but...shouldn't we rest up..more...before we take on the bigger guys?" he suggested.

"I dunno... I guess..." the brash pony was never one for non-brashly resting, but he reluctantly went along with the idea.

"If we rest right here, those things are likely to catch up to us..." he points out the obvious.

"Right..." he agreed, "Well....everywhere I've been seemed to be a trap...even the ones I...purposefully walked in to...I don't think the houses are safe." He kept his eye out for someplace else that might be an adequate resting area.

The fog made it difficult to see which part of Ponyville Zip was in. Nothing seemed to stand out.

"If I were you... I decided where to go before trying to go there... otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels fruitlessly..." he explained. Had he known where to meet the monsters? He did mention he had exhausted all his ideas... meaning he had ideas?

"If there are traps being set... just looking for 'anywhere' that looks safe... probably would put you into another trap... you got to think man... think of where you would be safe..."

Zip snorted, "Right now, I think the safest place would be out of this fake PonyVille...I don't even know where this came from.."

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