Sahara Heart-Seer

Sahara Heart-Seer

Name: Sahara Heart-Seer
Gender: Female
Appearance: Though fourteen, Sahara only stands at five feet two inches, with a slim body that clocks at one hundred fifteen pounds. It makes her yellow robe with blue designs around the front, sleeves, and edges look big and loose on her. Her brown sandals also look a little oversized, as if she did not put a lot of effort into making sure her clothes fit quite right. A blue headband and matching ties keep her black hair, which is long enough to reach her waist, out of her soft brown eyes. Her skin is smooth and looks untainted by the hard work that most of her tribe does. A gray cloth that seems like a scarf is usually wrapped around her neck, and she fingers it at times, as if seeking some sort of comfort from the material. Her face shows no signs of what she is thinking unless with Pokémon, in which she finds it easier to express herself.
Personality: Quiet and sensitive to others, Sahara believes in communication through expression of feelings. Because humans are often loud and noisy, she finds it easier talking with Pokémon. They may not have the same language in terms of words, but she has a good understanding of what their emotions convey. She also thinks they are simpler to be with. Humans have complex motivations and actions, whereas Pokémon hold pure intentions. This does not mean she hates humans; she just has a hard time speaking with them or getting close to them. Though polite and helpful when possible, she has usually avoided making any firm connections due to her difficulties.
Background: Sahara was born from the union of Isam Spirit-Speaker and Mahal Tender-Touch. The two raised their daughter with love and affection. In spite of this, she grew up without speaking much to them at all. She had a difficult time looking at their faces, responding to their embraces, and knowing how to respond to comments that were not serious. It made her an outcast amongst other children, though not through malicious intent on their part. There was nothing mean or upsetting about Sahara's actions. They were simply foreign and hard to get attached to by other children.

With such parents, it was no surprise that Sahara had her own special gift. Her father could talk to ghosts, and her mother was a skilled healer. Sahara did not take directly off either of their talents, but she received a combination of sorts. She had the ability to empathize with Pokémon in ways that many did not. Her lack of communication with humans was made up for by her understandings of what lay in a Pokémon's heart. Her parents had noticed that Sahara enjoyed spending her time amongst the Pokémon near their tribe, such as the Mareeps that were constantly being herded by. She would sit with any of the Pokémon she found for hours, not saying anything aloud but at peace.

This had been observed, but her talent especially came through when she was nine years old. One day when her father was assisting in a hunt (due to his lack of specific duties, he tends to substitute in wherever he can help), the group came across a badly injured Chikorita. Sahara, who was with her father to observe how the hunt worked (she had never been on one before and might be required some day, should their hunters be lost in battle), stayed with the Chikorita until, at long last, the Chikorita trusted her enough to crawl into her arms. Sahara tended to her injuries with basic techniques she had learned from her mother, and once they got home, gave her a better treatment with Mahal's help. Isam took Mahal aside to tell her about how the Chikorita had been vicious and would strike at anyone who approached, except for Sahara. That episode was what caused her to be named Heart-Seer, for her ability to understand such emotions and be able to appeal to them.

Ever since that day, Lily the Chikorita was Sahara's constant companion. The two shared a special bond that made them the best of friends. Neither was interested in making Lily a battler. Instead, they focused on having her assist in trying to communicate with Pokémon, and to perhaps pick up the ability to help heal. Mahal had told Sahara that Grass Pokémon could usually learn how to cure sicknesses, which appealed to both Sahara and Lily.

As she continued to grow, Sahara watched the other children pick roles for upholding their positions in the tribe. They all had practical jobs, such as hunting for food, or creating clothing from wool. Sahara looked at herself and realized she had no such claims. So what if she could understand Pokémon a bit better than most? That would not cause meals to appear or winters to be kept at bay. With a sudden thought of how useless she felt, Sahara tried to go under the apprenticeship of some tribe members. None of them were able to teach her what she needed; her odd personality and lack of connection to them made it impossible for her to be a good student. In the end, Sahara focused more on learning about medicines from her mother. It is a job she could see herself doing, but it is one her mother and some other members of the village have well covered. Sahara wanted something else, something that would help everyone. Then they could see that even if she did not appear to care about them, she really did. That would be her way of expressing herself, if only she could find it.

Motivations: Sahara's greatest desire is to have a way to connect with the people of her tribe. They are family, yet she feels no kinship to them. Only her mother and father know how to deal with her awkward nature around others. She loves Pokémon and considers herself blessed to be able to empathize with them, but it constantly puzzles her why more people cannot do it. If she understood people better, perhaps she would understand.

In this same vein, she wants to have friends. Most children of her age were put off by her inability to speak well to them, or to play games they enjoyed. Nobody will ever take the spot Lily has in her heart, but there are many more chairs waiting to be filled in the room of companions. If only she knew what to say, how to look them in the eye, maybe Sahara could fulfill that wish.

Sahara also hopes to help more Pokémon. The incident with Lily taught her that many Pokémon suffer, whether it be from humans who do not understand them or a vicious part of the wilderness. Sahara wants to protect those Pokémon however she can. Because of this, it is most likely her Pokémon will join out of an act of help, or particular kindness. Never will Sahara beat one into submission, and if anyone tries around her, it will be one of the few things that can move her into making a first strike for a fight.
Acquaintances: *Isam Spirit-Speaker: Sahara's father. His name reflects how he is known for his ability to communicate with ghosts. This is done through methods beyond words, in a language he can understand due to having a gift for it. His talents are rarely called on since the location they live in is lacking in spirits, but he is respected for how he has done so in the past. Isam puts the duties to his family first and foremost with the rest of the village a close second. Though down to earth, he cares for the people he lives around.
*Mahal Tender-Touch: Sahara's mother. She received her name for her skill in healing. Humans and Pokémon alike have had their injuries soothed and their lives saved through her techniques. Mahal is often kept busy making medicines for whenever they will be needed. She is the type of person to want to help anyone, regardless of their previous actions. She was the primary raiser of Sahara since Isam was usually away from the house to help out their neighbors.

Starter Pokémon: Lily (Chikorita)
Pokémon Wishlist: Eevee (Espeon), Deerling, Absol, Blitzle, Buizel, Cottonee, Cubone, Houndour, Meowth, Mienfoo, Natu, Pawniard, Phanphy, Ponyta, Poochyena, Purrloin, Rufflet, Sandshrew, Sentret, Snorunt (Froslass), Vulpix
(NOTE: I do not in any way expect to get every one of these Pokémon. I am merely listing several I like so the most appropriate can be selected. I am not against getting ones not on the list either, this is just a basis of what I like. The only Pokémon I absolutely want is Eevee, it being my favorite. Deerling is second. After that comes everything else, with hopefully not much type overlapping from what gets picked.)
About Them: Sahara will name all of her Pokémon after plants or flowers. She also shows her side of loving cute things by giving each Pokémon an accessory she handcrafts for him or her. Lily the Chikorita, for instance, has a headband.

Trainer Character Sheet
Name :  Sahara Heart-Seer  |Gender: Female                 |Max HP : 72
Age    : 14                  |Height: 5'2               |Money  : None
Level  : 2                   |Weight: 115 lbs          |Pokemon: (2)
Classes: Psychic (Later: Empath)

STR | 08  |  -2  |  06  | -2
DEX | 10  |  0  |  00  | 0
CON | 14  |  +2  |  16  | +3
INT | 14  |  +2  |  16  | +3
WIS | 10  |  0  |  00  | 0
CHA | 08  |  0  |  00  | 0
Current Team
Lily/Chikorita/10/Chesto Berry
Lavender/Nidoran Male/?/None

Stored Pokemon


Telekinesis: Psychic Feature At-Will Target: Any object that you may lift. Effect: Add your INT and CON modifiers and multiply the total by 5 pounds. This represents the weight you may lift and items you may target with Telekinesis. Multiply your INT and CON modifiers then multiply that product by 3-meters. This is how far the target can be.
Telepathy: Psychic Feature At-Will Target: Any other human, some may be immune to Telepathy Effect: You may read the surface thoughts of other humans, as well as project your surface thoughts to other humans. You may also project telepathic message to your Pokemon, but may not read your Pokemon’s minds.
Extrasensory: Psychic Feature Prerequisites: Psychic, 16 INT At-Will – Drains 8 of user’s HP per use. Target: A human or Pokemon. Effect: Use the Move Extrasensory. Use your Intelligence Stat as your SP. ATK stat. - Extrasensory - Psychic 3d10+12 - EOT - 2 Special Attack - Ranged (5) Effect: 1 Target Extrasensory Flinches the target on 19- 20 during Accuracy Check. Cool - 2d4 - Round Starter
Extrasensory ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- INVENTORY 3 Chesto Berries ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Pokémon


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