Chapter 1: The So-Called Friends of Marko

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Cockpit~

The outburst of the Lieutenant takes Oln a little by surprise. He doesn't even raise objection when she claims to be better at his job. Oln knew very well he'd been born for the battlefield and trained for the lab, not a cockpit. Oln likes her even more seeing that she wasn't some prim and proper, delicate republic officer. "Girl's got fire, I like that. Got to love a woman willing to threaten your life."

With her storming off Oln is able to return his attention to Mara's question. He's tempted to make a crack about the chemistry between him and the droid but decides the truth is funnier. He turns to face her even though its unneeded. "Well beautiful Rose, since you ask with such a dazzling smile, I was simply making a smart ass remark about the effect of Zelton pheromones on other organics minds. While it was a reflex response to a personal disagreement in the best course of action, I hope I did not give offence. It is not a true objection to your presence, just some lingering ill feelings held for your race due to past personal experience. Though I am still very close to her personally, I have since been very aware the danger intrinsic in the presence of powerful pheromone producing races."

He turns back to the tactics console, "But of course now isn't really the time to talk about my failed love live before my wife, or a more indepth answer on how exactly the pheromones effect people. If you are interested in either please come visit the Grease Pit Trap once we are don't with all this. I'm sure you have your share of entertaining stories as well, and I would love for you to share them over the drink of your choice, my treat."
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Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre Cockpit: Co-Pilot's Chair ~

Privately, Mara is appalled at the outburst from the emotionally unstable officer. She has the impression that the journalist appears to be mentally unhinged and entirely unfit for military service and she wonders, perhaps Ganner is actually impersonating a Republic Officer and stole the uniform.

But, before she can give it much further thought, Oln starts yammering away about his references to pheromones and the wiles of Zeltrons instead of focusing on his job, People are people, he sounds prejudiced. Maybe that's why he hides in a helmet. Facing forwards, Mara cannot stop the hardening around her eyes as she focuses on her own console to ensure she is able to help Luka at a moment's notice.

With no time to even listen to most of what Oln said, Mara responds politely, “Perhaps, Oln... if there is time.”

Flipping the comm circuit to broadcast mode, the gunnery turrets, bridge and engineering are all on hands free intercom links along with the fighters on the same circuit. She mentally chastises herself, I should have done that sooner. Well, I am not a shipboard officer, but a leader should consider these things... Mara is learning as she goes.

“Gunner One and Gunner Two, you are in range to fire!” Just in case the fleeing freighter's presence was not obvious enough to them.

"Understood, firing lower batteries" Ossek responds, grimacing as she grabs hold of the weapon's controls. Guessing her way through the controls she swings the guns around and aims at the fleeing vessel. She squints, hoping in vain it will improver her aim and
Attack with Shipboard Weapons:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 15)
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 6, 4, 7 (Total = 34)

Katjur hesitated. Firing an opening salvo, without trying to talk the thieves wrong, struck him as wrong. He doubted that they would do any real damage, not yet anyways, but it sill struck a chord in the Trianii. He could see blaster fire erupting from Ossek's side, arcing towards the ship, and knew he should fire as well.

"Shouldn't we have fired warning shots across their bow? Or tried to reach them and offer terms before firing?"

Orders were orders. Squeezing the trigger, Katjur
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 25)
fired a volley of
Dice Roll: 3d10*2
d10 Results: 9, 4, 4 (Total = 34)
shots, for the moment resigned to his fate, and hoping that the scoundrels would see the err of their decisions and surrender, before things got bloody.

Cali's sensors pick up the freighter as it tried to make its escape, and her mind is quick to begin the pursuit. Unfortunately, her unfamiliarity with the fighter's controls left her trying to throttle up to attack speed as the Sabre began its own attack run

Cyrian throttles the unfamiliar fighter forward his thumb resting on the firing nub. As he closes in he locks on to the engines with his targeting computer and presses the nub. Green lances of light shoot out of the blaster cannon headed towards the fleeing ship.

Stang! Here we go try not to get yourself killed.

Updated Map

Round 1

The Sabre and Cyrian's fighter close in quickly on the slow ship, and can open fire. Ossek's shots are on target. Most is absorbed by the shields, and the bolts that get through are deflected by the ship's armor. Katjur is more successful, hitting dead on target. The shields are unable to stop most of the energy bolts, and chips of the ship's armor are ejected into space. Cyrian's attack, much like Ossek's, is too shallow, and the shots that manages to get through the shields are deflected by the ship's armor.

The fleeing freighter isn't going to make it easy however. Apparently, they have decided that the Saber is the biggest threat, and both laser cannons take aim at the transport. One of the gunner manages to at least hit the shields, but like Ossek and Cyrian, the shots are too shallow to deal effective damage. The other gunner completely misses its target, and the freighter slowly continues to pull away from the station.


Round 2 begins

Ossek smiles as she sees Kat's shot connect solidly with the freighter. She shouts up the ladder connecting the two gun turrets, "Nice shot, don't think I'll match that one!" Ossek chuckles before she returns to business.

She flicks the comm channel to the bridge, deep in concentration she doesn't even notice her natural hiss sneaking into her voice. "If there'ssss any technical magic on the bridge that can improve targetting I'd appreccciate it right about now. I'm going to aim for the enginesss." With that Ossek gives her colleagues in the cockpit time to do their thing as she lines up a shot as best she can. Finally, she squeezes the
Attack on Engines.

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16
-5 from no proficiency
+1 BAB
+2 Ship INT
+2 Aid Another (Oln)
Range omitted pending ship movement (Luka)

Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 2, 7, 10 (Total = 38)

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Cockpit~

Thankfully the ship produces audio signals to represent shots and collisions, so Oln knows the gunners on the Sabre have already made two shots and got two hits. "Haha, good show."

The Boss Lady calls out for tech support. "Guess that's our queue Mr.PD." Oln follows a hunch and calls out, "Vod take us over their heads, and keep our forward angle of approach at 90° theirs. Should give the guns a better angle as long as we're following. We want to stay behind them for now."

"All guns the Boss Lady has the right of it. We need to cripple their engines before they get far enough out of the Rest's interdiction field to jump. This will be a walk on Alderaan once their dead in the water."

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He cranks the throttle and swerves around trying to draw fire from the much larger ship. Once he sees Sabre firing again he quickly joins in.

"Fighter 1 to Sabre these blasters aren't doing anything against those shields. You have any missiles or torpedoes on that thing?"

He presses the trigger and lights up the engines again trying to overload the shields.

Updated Map

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