Chapter 1: The So-Called Friends of Marko

"Sithspit!" Cali uncharacteristically cursed aloud to herself as she fumbled with the controls for a few more precious seconds until she finally set the engines to full power. With deadly intent she bore down on the freighter, firing on its engines as she closed in near its aft, though not from an optimal distance. Instead, she quickly began to come back around to face the disabled ships to the aft of the battle in case the raiders have escorts playing possum.

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My map update was not used, so here's an update. I moved Caliana as close as possible, but her ship's speed doesn't allow her to get within point blank range, so she gets a -2 range penalty on her attack.

Oln's Aid Another check was successful (the DC on Aid Another is 10), so Ossek gets +2 to hit.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre Cockpit: Co-Pilot's Chair ~

Mara looks on from the co-pilot's chair, not really able to do much for Luka as he is not attempting any special maneuvers. Hearing Oln call for shooting out their engines, Mara nods in agreement and then adds, “Shooting out their weapons would be a good secondary target.”

She notices that the fighters are following along as well, trying to take out the engines too. She replies, <“Sorry, Fighter One. The Sabre is not equipped with missiles.”>

Switching to a general frequency on the ship to ship comms, Mara hails the fleeing freighter, <“Unidentified ship, leaving Destiny's Rest, this is The Sabre. If you do not power down your engines and submit to boarding, we will be forced to destroy you.”>

She is not sure that she will get an answer, but trying to talk to them cannot hurt.

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Snipe spins his little scomplink as fast as he mechanically can trying to get those shields back to pull capacity. He hasn't had to do this sort of thing since he was aboard the smugglers vessel.

Luka Vorr, Human Male Scoundrel

The Sabre: Cockpit

“I can do that, Oln.”

Privately Luka was glad for his decision to keep Oln at tactical, knowing the Mando had a head for warfare, both on the ground and in space.

He maneuvered the Sabre into position that would let the gunners have clear shots until they managed to wear down the shields while the fighters harried the freighter and kept its crew occupied.

Luka heard Mara broadcasting to the other ship. He narrowed his eyes and keyed his comm as well.

“This is Luka Vorr. Just who the hell are you people?”


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"Luck, I assure you." He called back down the turret corridor, surprised at the accuracy of his own shot. He barely knew how to operate the thing, and was mostly just putting shots down range with the hope of hitting, but not doing too much damage.

Seeing that their target had changed, he swivled the turret slightly, bringing the target indicator down towards the engine of the escaping ship. "Thanks for the adjusted angle." He called into the comm link, the shot looking a little easier with Oln's tactical maneuvering.

Unable to find any characters in game 12490
Squeezing the trigger, Katjur slowly let out his breath, calm as his heart steadily thudded inside of his chest.

Round 2

Witn Oln's help, Ossek's shot passes through the weakened shields and a shower of sparks litter the hull below, leaving a blackened area. Cyrian also gets a good shot, bursting a conduit on the already damaged hull. The engine glow flicker for a moment, but soon come back at full intensity. Caliana is also successful, her blaster bolts leaving more scorch marks on the freighter's hull. While Katjur's shots do minimal damage to the hull, it finally overloads the shields, and the freighter's shields generators are forced to shut down.

Snipe works at restoring the shields to full intensity, but the shield generators just refuse to agree.

Mara and Luka's calls remained unanswered, with the exception of the laser cannons still firing. One gunner keeps firing at the Sabre and manages to land a good hit, shaking the transport. Marko sure won't be happy about the mark that the bolt must have left! The other gunner takes a pot shot at Cyrian's fighter, but the nimble ship easily evades the oncoming fire.

Meanwhile, the ship steers away from the Sabre, heading away from a disabled ship ahead. The ship's shields fail to come back up; their system operator doesn't seem to have better luck than Snipe.


Round 3 begins

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Cockpit~

Two more shots and two more hits. Not bad for a crew made up of whoever happened to be awake. Oln doesn't take the shaking as anything too serious since they are still alive and there are no alarms. Oln lets out a laugh. He's genuinely having fun. "Vod keep us riding their ass. Droid keep our damn shields up."

There is only so much one can suggest with only audio signals, and without even having an idea what the other ship looks like. Still Oln knows sometimes tactics comes down to getting the best out of the squad. He opens his com to all channels. "Now that's what I'm talking about people! Seem's like our new friends aren't up for civilized discourse however. They still don't believe we hold the cards here. The faster we take out their engines the sooner they'll have time to reconsider. We want this thing to end without blood! That means we need those engines out now!"

Oln flicks back to squad only channels. The little speech might give the other ship enough pause that any of the others might have better luck convincing them this can end peacefully. It is fairly clear already that the squads primary target is the engines so confirming it is no real loss. The real intention though is to reassure Kat. Oln knows the man has reservation about shooting at a ship full of people. They really would have an easier time negotiating peace from a position of power.

Character Sheet

Unable to find any characters in game 12490

"Trying as best i can but the generators won't work with me here.. Come on you damned stingy things let me boost your power a bit!" Snipe is now shouting at the console in a mixture of binary and basic spouting off insults from every corner of the galaxy at it and even bringing is makers sanity into question, which to a robotic being would be like saying the identity of your father is suspect because your mother gets around.

No matter what he tries those shields just won't power up "I don't know who made your generators but they really made them soft, I just can't seem to get them to recharge.. "

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre Cockpit: Co-Pilot's Chair ~

Mara smirks as Oln is finally getting into the swing of things and directing the fight. “Take out their weapons too, remove the fight to the death option.”

She keeps her hands on the controls in case Luka plans to do something fancy with the Sabre to maneuver around to cut off their escape.

Continuing her comms on the general frequency, Mara hails the fleeing freighter once again, <“Unidentified ship, you are over-matched and out gunned. Do not fire again or we will continue to blast you into scrap metal.”> The tone of her voice is calm and conversational, almost like she is discussing nail polish in the beauty salon. However, the gleam in her eyes shows that she is not finding the situation droll in the least.

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