Chapter 1: The So-Called Friends of Marko

Luka, Male Human Scoundrel

Destiny's Rest: Docking Bay Three

Luka had surged forward when the lieutenant had first started to topple over, but he was too late to catch her. The resulting tangle of faces and bodies and limbs had made him vaguely glad he hadn’t.

He put one hand on the lieutenant’s arm to help ease her up.

“Are you two all right?”

Now both women looked flushed and were breathing hard. If the situation were not so dire it would almost be amusing, but Luka couldn’t even crack a smile. He kept thinking about the people he knew on the station, who had been hurt, and who was missing. The only person he knew was all right was his father, predictably. Marko was like gravity that way, everpresent, unrelenting.

His sister, Hari, Oln, Contesa. The faces swam through his mind’s eye but Luka pushed them aside. He had to focus on the present, the situation at hand.

He looked between the two women, then focused on the lieutenant. He remembered her leg buckling under her just before she fell, and she had dropped like a stone on a high-G world.

“Is your leg injured?”
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Snipe just lower his head and nods "Alright Ossek. You are right." He just heads over to follow her silently for a short while. To Oln he would fade back into the background becoming lifeless once again.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Destiny's rest - The Grease Trap~

"No, Mistress Lizz. Yes, Mistress Lizz. Yes, Mistress Lizz." Oln uses the baton to tap along with the syllables as he responds. He then pushes it against his hip to retract it again and slips it back into its pouch. He shrugs, "You want to be the one to scrap it instead of me, fine. Charm will be safe enough with you. Don't go having to much fun without us though. Tell Marko love and well wishes, we'll be along shortly." Oln smirks at the droid. "Careful now that big sticker she's got is very nearly as sharp as her tongue. Ha, oh boy Marko'll like you almost much as me."

Oln draws his blaster. He rests his wounded hand on Kats shoulder and points his blaster arm in a vaguely up vaguely forward position. "Come my stalwart companion, my queen and princess await out arrival." At that he starts jogging off to the apartments.
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Cali, satisfied with Ossek's summary of the situation, as well as the readings on the terminal, silently nods as she falls in behind her two escorts.

"The basics are light and air, both are working because we can see and are alive. We've already check your friends and they are fine for now. If you really want to help them you will stop wasting time and not make me force this." Ossek is clearly losing patience as her grip on Cali's shoulder tightens and begins to pull her away from the terminal and towards the security hangar.

~ Destiny's Rest Docking Bays: Docking Bay 3 ~

Charlene was motionless, undecided exactly how act or what to say as Mara held her face in her hands. Her heart hammered in her chest and her ears, wondering if anyone else could hear the loud beats. After a brief moment, she moistens her lips and speaks, "I...Y-yes, I'm fine Mara. T-thank you..."

Charlene is almost relieved when Luka helps her back into a seating position on the ground. With his inquiry about her leg, all the pieces fall together. The attack must have been ion in nature...that's why my leg didn't work. I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with it. Leaning forward, she reached down and undid the clasps on her boots with a flexibility that would be surprising to most people. "Injured my leg? Aye...many years ago Luka..." She slid off her boot to reveal a foot made of sleek and slightly glossy black material. All the toes were separate and totally articulate. Reaching on the outside of her left leg just below the ankle, Charlene grabbed hold of a minute zipper and pulled it upwards, undoing her trouser leg to about 5 inches short of her hip and about 2 inches shy of where her artificial leg joined with her flesh. Her entire leg was made of the same material as her foot, all but a few details in a dark matte silver that was almost gun-metal in colour.

Reaching over behind her, Charlene pulled out a small toolkit from her utility belt. She lay it by her leg and opened it up, "Hopefully nothing serious is wrong with this damned thing..." she said out loud to no one in particular. Pressing a small button on the inside of her thigh, a panel on the top of said thigh popped up and, with a short quiet and mechanical hiss, slid to the outside of her thigh. Charlene promptly picked up two tools and began to get to work. She poked around with her tools muttering "mhmm"s and "aha"s to herself. Finally, after about two or so minutes, Charlene announced, "Ahh...seems like the bio-energy regulators became misaligned. There...that should do it!" A tiny light, which up till now was red, flipped to green with the slightest and quietests of "bweeeen"s. Holding her tools in her hands still, Charlene tested her leg, first by trying to wiggle her toes. All moved. She then tried to rotate the foot slightly by the ankle. It did that also. Finally, she tried to bring her knee up, closer to her face and torso. It did that too. "Well then, three for three. I'm done..."

She pressed a button on the inside of her leg and, a few seconds later, the panel slid back into place. In the meantime, Charlene had returned the tools to the tool kit, closed it, and placed it back in her utility belt. The panel slid back into place and click of a locking mechanism could be heard. Charlene quickly zipped her trousers back down and put her boot back on. Rolling over to her left, she attempted the same manoeuvre that had brought her crashing onto Mara just a few minutes earlier. This time she managed to move her leg and stood up. She looked down at Mara and offered and upturned hand to help her up. Knowing how much formality irritated Mara, Charlene smirked, "May I offer you a hand, ma'am?"

Cyrian Darkstar Security Hanger

Cyrian had finally made it to the security hanger. He smacked the access panel and the door opened with a swooosh sound. He moved in cautiously. He had been bombarded with strange sounds and feeling the whole way here. Like thousands of voices buzzing around the back of his head. He felt spikes of fear, anger, sorrow, and many more emotions from all over the station. It was so hard to block them all out and focus on the here and now.

He catches sight of the very pissed off Marko and regrets coming in the first place but it was to late now. He whispers to himself


In a louder voice

"Umm I'm here to help?"

Marko Vorr, Security hanger

Marko was looking out into the pseudo-void of space when the boy found him in the security hanger, glaring through the massive energy field being projected between the hangerbay doors. Outside the force field, floating disabled ships drifted dangerously about, unguided, all that is except for one burning it's engines away from the station.

"About time someon--" Marko stopped as he looked Cyrian over. "That's it? A scrawny toothpick?! That's all I'm gettin? Are you even old enough to be out of your crib?" He paced back and forth, unsure how to channel his still raging anger which had only grown with frustration. Before the boy could answer, Marko continued his tactless rant. "No one from security?! Not a damn one. Not even my good-for-nothin' son-inlaw..... Pyuh. Of-course-not, he wouldn't have the balls to show his face against some space punks and he claims to be Mando! I knew my precious baby girl was too good for his lyin' ass! Probably drinkin' through the whole thing, damn swine loves takin' my good Corellian Ale too. What-a-bastard." Marko stopped and looked Cyrian over again now that his rant was done. "What did you say your name was again, son? You any good at anythin' or are you as worthless as my son-inlaw?"

"I didn't know Mandalorian's had royalty...." Katjur's voice was half serious and half joking. The phrases "Princess" and "Queen" had been used figuratively, with respect just to Oln himself. But that didn't mean Katjur couldn't imagine what a Mandalorian King or royal family might be like, if there was one.

Strong legs pushing Kat on-wards, he trailed behind the Mandalorian, collecting his thoughts and keeping his sense peeled. A Trianii and Miraluka would be hard to ambush, but that was no reason to be lax.

"You never answered my earlier question. Although ... was the Baton an answer? I suppose that makes sense. But I was more hopeful you might have a stash of Blasters and energy packs." Tail sweeping back and forth as he ran, the big's posture was predatory, leaning forward, hands hanging loose at his sides. It seemed as if any moment, Kat would lower and run on all fours, great arms pushing his body forward even faster.

"I hope your daughter likes cats... Kat added under his breath, knowing that he sometimes had an adverse effect on small children and easily shaken women. He somehow doubted any partner or spawn of Oln would be so easily prone to disturbance, but today was a day of oddities and peculiarities.

Cyrian Darkstar- Security Hanger

Cyrian grins slightly at the older mans tirade about his son in law. He had seen the son in law a few times in his trips to the Grease Trap for food and supplies. He seemed nice enough but the bandage he always wore over his face weirded Cyrian out a little. he cleared his throat and remembered his manners.

"Well Sir. I can handle a gun, fly a ship, and my father had me stripping and refurbishing mining equipment since I was old enough to hold a spanner. Also I've been supporting myself here on this station for that last few months."


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