Chapter 1: The So-Called Friends of Marko

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Docking Bay 3 ~

Mara sat up and examined her clothes, finding that despite waking up flat on her back, nothing looks like she was roughed up. Judging by the pain in her elbow and her hip, she guesses they simply collapsed. A little frustrated that her intuition gave her no warning, she closes her eyes and breathes deeply, searching for some
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d20 Results: 13 (Total = 21)
UtF Search Feelings (21)

Opening her eyes again, Mara observes the technical work being done with the journalist’s leg and curls her own legs up under her to rest on her hip. Spotting her clutch handbag nearby, she gathers it back to her and peeks inside. Everything appears to be in order and she swipes the fastener again to close it. She answers Luka, “I am fine, just a few bruises I think. I am more concerned about Charlene. However, it appears that she has things well in hand.”

As the journalist reaches down, Mara takes hold and lets them both help her to her feet. “Thank you. What was happened?” She looks inquiring to Luka, evident concern in her expression.

She was tempted to trigger her panic ring almost immediately, but with no apparent immediate threats, she held off. Mara did not want to be frivolous in her use of the device.
Back to you, voin, I think.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Destiny's rest - Apartments~

Oln just manages to fight off a sneeze when Kat asked again about a blaser. "What can I tell you Cat, said you should have grabbed one off someone at the bar." Oln chuckles, "Marko might not have kicked me out yet but he seems to enjoy making sure I stay motivated at work. I'm essentially living off tips. No massive weapons stockpile awaits us a Fort Vizsla." Oln considers something for a second. "I guess I could lend you my back up. You didn't get it from me though. Security doesn't exactly know I liberated it before I became a living drink dispenser."

At the pace they set its only a matter of a few minutes before the pair reach the apartments. They don't run into run into anyone on the way either by luck or Oln was right that they weren't hitting the residential area. Oln quickly makes his way to his home. He stops at his door holding out a hand at Kat. He seems to stand there for a moment without doing anything then finally reaches his wrapped hand up and rapped on the the door an odd little tune. There is another moment of silence though the Trainii's keen ears can hear some movement inside. Suddenly the door slides open and a form rushes out and wraps it's arms around Oln. Due to the young man's size only the woman's arms wrapped around his chest are the only thing visible when she speaks. "I was worried when you didn't send word." Her voice sounds more peeved than worried.

Oln returns the embrace. "Tried, guess the reception was bad. I'm fine Cyar'ika, nothing not self inflicted. To my knowledge everyone is fine. Though Dral'li is taking a nap in the Trap." Oln winces as he realizes what he just said. He's not the only one to notice it.

The woman pulls away from Oln but is still covered by him and the doorway. "What do you mean she's napping in the rest? You just left her there! Whats wrong with you?! Why didn't you bring her with you?!"

The Mando'ade squirms a little in the doorway. "She's fine, and I was worried about Contesa. Dral'li's a grown woman she can look after herself." Oln quickly tries to change the subject already knowing he's an idiot and only digging a deeper hole. "Anyway's like I said I did bring someone with me. I'm just going to go check on Contesa for peace of mind. Allow me to do introductions first though. Cat allow me to introduce my beautiful, intelligent, tough, and oh so forgiving wife
Vallia Vizsla. Vallia this is Cat, all around sage and student of people's nature.
" Oln then quickly makes his escape into one of the adjoining rooms.

Vallia crosses her arms and makes a face like she still wants to tell Oln off as she watches his retreat. After a few seconds she turns from staring daggers at her husband to the Trainii in the door way. She shows none of the concern Kat is used too from people. The only reaction he gets is a neutral gaze and her eyebrow quirking, "I really hope that's one of his nicknames."
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Marko Vorr, Security hanger

Marko Vorr folds his arms, shifting his condemning gaze from the kid to back outside where the lone freighter was making it's escape. "Yea, alright Slick, I'll bite. You want to be helpful like an adult? How quickly d'you think you can get som' of these fighters ready to fly?" The boss gestured to the partially-in-disrepair, previously powered down, short-range security fighters behind him.

The Grease Trap

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Snipe speaks up once the Mando is gone. "My apologies to both of you for my outburst. I know there is no place for that, nor is there much use for an apology at this time. I simply will no longer tolerate being treated like a lesser being.." He looks around the Cantina a bit longer and sighs before taking his hat and poncho off and opening his chest compartment. He places his hat and poncho inside the compartment shutting it tight.

"For now, I will simply be a Droid.."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Vallia Vizlsa. I am Katjur Kiljarr, or as your husband prefers, Kat or "Cat" is fine as well." He knew that normally, in these types of situations, introductions were more formal. Handshakes, hugs, varying degrees of physical intimacy. Mandalorian customs were different though, unknown to the Trianii.

"Marko has called those capable, to meet him in the hangar. However, I would be willing to cover for Oln, should he wish to stay here with you two." Eyes flicking to the domicile from which the woman emerged, his tail continued to sway back and forth, in tune with his heartbeat.

Ears twitching, Katjur slowly scanned the hallways, just to be certain they were alone, right hand reflexively flexing. Catching the woman's raised eyebrow, he shifted his attention back towards propriety, realizing he might be the first of his species she had encountered.

"If you are unfamiliar with my kind, I am a Trianii, of the planet Trian, although I was raised in Onderon among humans." It sounded forced, but he couldn't think of a better way to put it. The words came out like his mouth was packed with peanut butter, slow and ponderous. Wincing at his own lack of social grace, his jaw worked slowly, as he tried to find the most appropriate thing to say.

Luka, Human Male Scoundrel

Destiny's Rest: Docking Bay Three

Luka watched in fascination as the lieutenant peeled back the tab of her uniform trouser leg and expose a prosthetic limb, then immediately got to work on diagnosing the damage it had sustained.

A couple of times, his hands moved as if to assist her with some minute task, but he withdrew them after a few seconds as it became clear she was more than capable of handling the procedure herself.

Still, the idea of a machine within the body of a living being was fascinating to Luka, a more intricate machine than the ones that powered the Rest. Ganner had showed absolutely no hesitation as she’d opened up the panel within her leg. It struck him that it seemed almost like solving a puzzle to her, a challenge she relished. She had been completely absorbed in the task.

When she had finally finished, he shook his head.

“That’s impressive, Lieutenant. It’s a rare person who can perform surgery of any kind on herself.”

Yet Ms. Aragone’s words brought him back to the moment. It was not the time to ask the Lieutenant any more about her leg. His brow furrowed. Once more he tried to work out exactly what had happened, recounting the very last impressions he’d had before he’d blacked out.

“An attack.”

A tiny ripple of anger ran through him at the idea of the violation on the Rest, his home, his station, and he found himself understanding the rage he had heard in his father’s voice.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t feel like a military strike, but…”

Luka paused, gesturing.

“It seemed too organized for pirates somehow. Though I don’t know. That’s more conjecture than anything.”

He looked between the two women.

“It sounds like my father knows more. Ms. Aragone, do you have a weapon?”

Luka turned to the lovely Zeltron woman. Even with her hair disheveled, she still carried herself in a regal manner. However, she was not wearing a weapon openly. He imagined it would interfere with the line of her outfit. But then again, he also couldn’t imagine where she would hide one.

“Just in case there are still bandits between us and the security hangar.”
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Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Docking Bay 3 ~

Mara tucks her clutch under her left arm and smooths out the wrinkles of her body suit where it bunched up around her abdomen and torso. With her palms cupping under her breasts, she looks down and adjusts the girls back into their more comfortable support lines designed into the outfit’s chest. It takes a few moments to ensure everything feels right once more.

Bending forward at the waist, she runs her hand downward to smooth the fabric along each of her long, shapely legs, one at a time. Straightening up once more, a toss of her head flicks the flowing locks back over her shoulders once more and she tucks some stray strands back behind her right ear. Her hair is no longer so disheveled , but could still use some brushing to be perfect.

She looks at Luka, almost like she just realized he asked her a question as the silence was drawing on for a few moments while the other two were watching and waiting for her reply. Oddly enough, he thinks he saw a bulge of something that was along her upper spine at the base of her neck. Normally it would have been completely covered by her long brown hair.

“Yes, I do have a pistol here in my handbag. I can carry it in hand if you think that is best. I left the holster for it in my stateroom.”

Mara refrains from mentioning the grenade also in there. Continuing, “Shall we stop by my stateroom along the way?” She has a serious expression, much like when she was discussing the potential threats to her safety back on the Command Deck.
Sorry, Glyph. I think it was my turn again. However, my post should not negate what Charlene might do or say, methinks. Otherwise Luka’s question would not be answered for about 24 hours RL.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Destiny's rest - Apartments~

Vallia listens to Kat trip over his tongue holding the same expression she started with. While she's silent from the other room funiture can be heard shifting, and Oln speaking Mando'a in high voice. The comment about leaving Oln behind elicits a call is basic however, "Not a chance are you having all the fun Cat!"

The call actually causes a smile to crack on Vallia. She shrugs and much of her rigidness fall away. "We both know Marko too well Kat. He's going to do something stupid, and he'll need as many blasters as he can get to pull his ass out when he's done." She reaches behind her back and pulls out her own blaster from the back of her pants. She places it on the table beside her, "Contesa and I will be just fine here. He'd never admit it but Oln knows I'm a better shot than he is." A short laugh comes from the other room. Vallia ignores it and continues with a wicked smirk. "Anyway my father so loves his bonding time with Oln."

As if called Oln comes out with a new pistol in hand and his child in the crook of the same arm. Contesa seemed infinitely entertained squeezing the fingers of his injured hand. "This is not my fault, she was awake when I went in. Look Contesa a giant kitty that could eat you in one bite." The Trainii seems of little importance to Contesa compared to fingers. He chuckles and passes the little girl to Vallia and shakes the little fingers off his own. He pokes the child causing her to squirm and let out a little giggle. Oln then hugs both of them and rests his armored forehead on his wifes. Husband and wife exchange brief words in Mando'a.

When they've finished Oln turns his grin on Kat. He hold the blaster out to the Trainii from Onderon. "Ready when you are big guy."

Vallia's fingers have already replaced Oln's as Contesa's favorite thing in the galaxy. Vallia grins at Kat, "Later, then. Drop by for a beer sometime when the station isn't under attack. And Kat loosen up a bit. You keep thinking about every word and you'll end up like some others never saying what you actually think."
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Luka Vorr, Male Human Scoundrel

Destiny's Rest: Docking Bay Three/Crew Compartment Staterooms

Luka nodded.

“All right, that would probably be a good idea. You can grab anything else you need there.”

He frowned for a second. Luka had spotted a bulge under the fabric of Ms. Aragone’s outfit at her nape, like an enlarged portion of her spine. The Zeltron was so put-together in every other way that the thought of a physical imperfection or deformity was odd. He wondered if it was a cybernetic enhancement of some kind but then pushed the thought aside as not relevant to the moment.

“Lieutenant? Are you ready?”

He drew his own sidearm, a slugthrower with a chunky muzzle. Its shape was distinct from the blasters most people used, bulkier. He kept it pointed toward the decking.

“I know some short cuts to the staterooms. Let’s go.”

He led them to the lift, riding down several decks to the crew compartment deck. But instead of heading down the central corridor, he used his override codes to take a maintenance access hallway instead. This corridor was narrower and slightly grimier, though not filthy. However, it also let them travel between discrete areas, letting them arrive at the exit to the stateroom hub in only a few minutes.

Ms. Aragone and Lieutenant Ganner followed him, weapons in hand and faces tense. In spite of their earlier attempts to lighten the mood, there was an undercurrent of tension between them that was only punctuated by the electric machine hum of the systems in the maintenance hallway.

Luka exited the hatch cautiously, slugthrower held low at his side.

The hall was quiet and eerily empty of any activity. He gestured for the pair to follow him, then glanced at Ms. Aragone, giving her a questioning look. She indicated stateroom number five.

“The lieutenant and I will keep watch while you get what you need,” Luka said to Mara as he took up a position outside her door.
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Ossek ~ The Grease Trap

Ossek looked to Snipe. "And I am sorry for shouting. As a member of Station Security however, I need to get every able body I can to retaliate against the attackers. Let's say no more about it and go." With that Ossek leaves the cantina along with Snipe and, willingly or
If she resists Ossek will just pick her up and carry her on her shoulder. Hooray for 20 STR.
unwillingly, Cali. Desperate to make up time lost faffing around in the cantina she sets off at a gentle trot and takes the most direct route to the security hanagar she can think of.

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