Prologue: The Seekers Exam

Prologue: The Seekers Exam

Each of you arrive in Kingsport at various times within a few days of each other, and though some of you are there before the others, it goes similarly for all of you.

For those who have never seen Kingsport, it is a sight to behold indeed. Towering buildings of marble reach to the heavens in twisting spires and elegant towers. It's center holds a colossal castle made of crystal the colour of ruby, shimmering resolutely in the light of the sun, said to be the last surviving crystal castle of the ancient mages. In its immediate surroundings are the marble towers and six smaller crystal obelisks, each a colour of the rainbow, representing long forgotten unnamed gods. A great stone wall separates the inner sanctuary from the outer wards, standing resolute in it's construction, and schmidt impossible to climb it's perfectly smooth surface. The outer wards were originally devided by importance and profession, but centuries of inhabitance has cause these imaginary boundaries to become almost non-existent. Thee only exception is the dock, which has strict laws, and an even more strict customs master.

The Seekers Guildhall, a large stone building with crystal windows, is found easily enough, and a excited greeter welcomes those who enter their large wooden doors. Each of you receive the same message.

Welcome to the Seekers guildhall! Potential Seeker applicants take the door to your right, those with information or those who would like to request out services, the door to your left is your door! General questions can be asked and answered

Upon entering the door, the scenery seems to completely change to that of an old tavern, complete with bar keep and boisterous boasting drunk patrons. Asingle table with 5 chairs is the only empty one in the place.

Harper shuddered as she passed through the streets of Kingsport. Three days had passed since she first arrived in the 'city', and she did not like it one bit. Too much stone, not enough trees. She knew that most of these were her people, at least in appearance, but she was an elf in all other ways. Well, most other ways. She was more at home in a true forest, not this forest of stone that humans called a city. She had tried to familiarize herself with city life, but it was so very chaotic, so unlike what she was used to.

"Curse it all to the Nine Hells, this blasted 'city' is despicable. Why, why must you mock me, foul beast of stone and flesh!" she shouted as she stood in the middle of the town square. This got many a looks from those passing by, and caused more than a few people to shuffle quickly away from her. She sighed and hung her head in defeat. She was lost, but she wasn't helpless. She took a deep breath, then focused on her training.
Dice Roll: 1d20+6
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 17)
tracking/survival She used her knowledge of the hunt and tracked her way back through the streets to the tiny inn near the edge of Kingsport where her 'father' had encouraged her to stay as she grew used to the city. Fat chance that. This was no city, it was a monster.

At the inn, she took a moment to collect herself, then pleaded with the innkeeper to direct her to the Seeker's Guild. He was only too eager to help.

With a guide, she found her way to the guild hall with no further trouble. She entered, signed in, then was directed to the application room for testing. She followed the path to the right, and through the door. She raised an eyebrow at the room before her. This was a guild right? She grumbled and looked around. Sure enough, this seemed like a raucous bar. Seeing only one table with any empty seats, she approached and plopped herself down unceremoniously, making sure to make as much of a scene as possible about her sitting. More than a few eyes turned to watch her.

So here she was, she was expecting some kind of membership test. So where was the test! "To the Nine Hells, these bastards are slow!" she nearly shouted, again drawing the attention of the barroom as she crossed her arms. Her eyes narrowed as she trained them on the door she had entered, waiting for ANYTHING to happen, anything that might indicate a test.

Jim Hawkins stepped off the small ship after two weeks at sea. His limbs felt a bit wobbly, like they always did when he'd been at sea for awhile and set foot on land again, but he enjoyed the feeling. Glancing around, he is amazed by the sights that greet him. Everywhere he looks there is shining marble, sparkling crystal, and polished stone. "What a pretty little city! But I'm not here to sight see, keep focused Mr. Hawkins!" The young boy thinks, almost to himself.

He continues down the street looking for the Guildhall he'd been told about. It was a place that would help him find riches and fame, or so he'd been told. But when he finally sees the building he is rather disappointed. "This is the building that will help me find riches and fame? I think the butcher's shop had a more interesting appearance. And what's with the greeter, did he drink too much tea this morning?" Jim thinks to himself, loudly as he walks up to the building and past the greeter with barely a nod.

He heads straight for the door on the right and breezes through with barely a thought. But upon seeing the inside of the building he smiles and nods his head. "Ah yes, the smell of ale and sweaty fat men. This is what a real tavern should be like. Now why is it in a place that is supposed to be prestigious and glorious?" Jim wonders to himself with candor. Finally, he shrugs and heads to the one table with some empty chairs. Once seated, he looks around the establishment. "I guess they'll contact me when they're ready. So for now I'll enjoy their fine establishment." He smiles to himself and motions for the barkeep.

Pausing outside the human city called Kingsport, Gunghir takes a moment to look down his stout frame, clucking his tongue in disapproval as he crouches down and brushes the dirt of the road from his boots.

'The humans should learn to keep their roads cleaner.'

Straightening, the warrior adjusts his Daisho, into the correct position and strides through the gates. The tall, majestic spires of crystal were noteworthy and testament to a force greater than mere humans. The lesser spires were less ornate; yet still worthy of a glance. In fact, as he passed, Gunghir could not help but note that their surface was somewhat reflective and when his own visage reflected back at him, he paused and smiled, enjoying his green hued appearance in approval. He was quite the striking figure, of that there could be no doubt.

Winking at himself with a smile, the dwarf continues on his way, stopping a passerby in the street to ask direction to the Seeker's Guild. The commoner complied appropriately and soon enough the nondescript building was before him. He could admire the stout stonework of the place, more fashioned to endure rather than look pretty. A part of him marveled at the city in its complexity, much as he was himself.

With a sweeping advance, the samurai entered the Guild, pausing as the greeter fairly gushed with excitement from addressing such a prestigious person as himself. It was to be expected and Gunghir nodded to the words and then fixed his eyes on the right hand door. The correct path was obvious and he looked back at the greeter with an elegantly raised eyebrow.

"Potential applicants. Tell me more of this? My Lord King sent me to join your Guild. You invite only the most worthy of persons I hope?", he asks calmly, his tone making it obvious which category he fell into.

It had been an exciting few days already. Konnen Affen arrived in town neat sunset two days ago, and managed get room and board at a small inn near the main gates. He enjoyed the food and music in teh common room, and slept soundly after his travels.

Yesterday, he spent the day exploring the city proper. So many different people; different sizez, shapes, and colors. Some roads had buildings crammed so close together a mouse wouldn't be able to squeeze through. Othr roads had one huge building of stone and crystal taking up an entire city block. Wonderous sights, a cacophony of sounds, a plethora of tastes and smells - Konnen has never been anywhere with more than a few hundred people. This place was incredible.

This morning, he awoke and paid his room and board, and then followed directions given to him by the bartender yesterday to the Seekers Guild - the place he was invited to. Being greeted at the door made him feel like he was royalty being announced into a room, and he couldn't keep a smile off his face. He was shown into the room for the applicants, and raised an eyebrow at the sight of another tavern. Is this what it was supposed to be? Or was this part of the test?

There were only a few open chairs at one table. Walking staff in hand, he walked over to one and sat down, smiling silently at the others seated there.

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"Potential applicants. Tell me more of this? My Lord King sent me to join your Guild. You invite only the most worthy of persons I hope?", he asks calmly, his tone making it obvious which category he fell into.

Yep, yep! exclaims the greeter. That's why there is a test! Only the worthy can pass it! almost visually shaking with excitement, he informs the dwarf he need only enter the door to his right, and he should feel right at home!

Gunghir eyes the excitable fellow doubtfully, his already raised eyebrow arching hilariously before he Hrumphs to himself and moves gracefully around the greeter. Approaching the door, he wets two fingers, using the tips to adjust his mustache and beard into proper place before opening the door and stepping inside.

Whatever he had been expecting, it was not what he beheld. He had been in a tavern or two in his day; but this seemed oddly out of place and he silently lamented the chore his Lord has sent him on. Humans...

Scanning the smokey tavern, noting the slovenly drunks as well as those who still had their wits about them, the dwarf steps further in, acknowledging the approving glances aimed his way by the other patrons. He was used to being the center of attention and graciously allowed these common ruffians to look upon a true and honorable warrior.

Reaching the center of the tavern, Gunghir pauses, frowning at the lack of seating arrangements. He saw a few open chairs at one of the tables; although those collected seemed to be newly arrived.

There was no help for it, he only hoped whoever maintained this place kept the furnishings clean.

Approaching the table, he offers a polite smile to those seated, pulling one of the chairs back and taking a seat before speaking.

"Greetings, you have the honor of meeting Gunghir Keenblade. Please, please, restrain your fawning for after I complete whatever passes for a testing in this place.", he offers graciously, his eyes sweeping the others at the table, noting their pleased looks.

"The nine hells?," she started hearing the dwarf before seeing him and starting almost out of her chair. She regained her composure, and looked towards the door, then down slightly and saw him. A dwarf? This was the first time she'd seen one of the rock folk, and well, he wasn't quite what she had expected. She'd heard stories about them, a good many stories in fact, but they all spoke of a tiny thing that was more beard than man. True, there was a beard, but... "The nine hells is the rest of your beard? Thought you dwarves were supposed to be made of the stuff."

She shook her head slightly and sat back in the chair. The dwarf, and the others that had come to her table, all seemed too inexperienced to be the test. She assumed they were applicants, like her. She wondered at their skill. The dwarf was unusual, even for the stories she had heard. He seemed.... He seemed a bit full of himself. Then there was the human boy. He was about her age, but she could almost sense something shifty in his eyes. A thief perhaps? She adjusted herself to put her money pouch a bit more out of reach. Then there was the guy who kept talking to himself. He was the one that worried her the most. The guy just never shut up! He was either talking to himself, or mumbling, or doing something, but he would not be quiet.

She took a deep breath and let out a sigh, then looked at the dwarf again. "By the nine hells, I apologize if I offended you. I've never seen a dwarf before. You said your name was Gunghir Keenblade? Such an odd name. Anyways, I'm Harper of the Fartouched, master of elven bow lore. I hope that it is a pleasure to meet you, but I'll reserve my judgement on that." There was a twinkle in her eyes, a twinkle of mischief? Or was it something else. She was all smile within the frame of flaming red hair. Had the cat eaten the canary?

The expanse of nature is a fantastic thing. The wide open spaces, the rolling hills, thick forests, swift rivers, and deep seas. Nassar has not seen all of it, nor does he wish to. Some things need to be kept a mystery, but more than likely those places are just plain.. boring. Where was the adventure? Where was the thrill? In the city, the guards will cuff you for most things, but there are people in there with connections and money. These people normally do not have the strength to do things themselves, so they need to hire someone to do it for them. The Seekers were an organization that capitalized on that very fact.

No Name, as he typically introduced himself, made his way to the crystal castle. It was very beautiful, the light glimmering off the walls and towers. Nassar wondered how it would look at the top of the whole thing. Maybe one day he would climb up there, but today he needed to join the Seekers. Running low on coin was a commonplace problem for swords-for-hire. Joining the Seekers would end that problem, but it would do something so much more fulfilling. These people were considered crazy for going into half the dungeons that they did. To Nassar, that sounded like a pretty good lifestyle. Showing up a tad late, Nassar followed the instructions. Walking into the room, he overheard the wild-haired elf talking to the.. dwarf? No Name had only seen one once, and he was rather fat. This one seemed comely somehow..

Listening in, Nassar tried to keep from staring, but the barbarian was not as sneaky as he thought he was.

Gunghir was kind in that he listened to most of what the fire-haired girl said. The part never reached him as he acknowledged her profession of hope. It was something he gave others, the striving for excellence which put him so far above lesser creatures. He just hoped she did not wish to join with him, she was an elf after all. Some things were just not done.

"Exotic, my dear Harper, not odd. How can you expect the eminent swordsman of the world to have a common name? Your name strikes me as odd, however. What or where exactly is a Fartouched?", he returns with a tolerant smile, his eyes focusing on the peripherals and noting the newcomer.


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