Prologue: The Seekers Exam

Laughing heartily, Jim nods to the man who just spoke and turns towards him. "Why, run for my life of course. If I am done after two minutes you know the greedy wenches will want more!" He replies with a young, rugged smile of his own. Then commences laughing at his own ill thought out joke.

Gunghir follows Harper's stare as sees the bulky human as he makes his way to their table. The human was impressive at first; but soon enough countless flaws radiated from him and the samurai could only shake his head sadly at the loss of potential. While he knew the boy could not hope to reach his level of excellence, carrying a big sword and a week's worth of dirt all over your body showed an utter lack of discipline.

Then he spoke...then she spoke...then the odd boy who spoke before he even thought would not stop speaking. Is this what humans did for entertainment?

With a sigh, Gunghir fixed his superior gaze upon the barbaric boy, pausing to frown as a loud yell came from across the tavern. Tilting his head to see around the hulk, he saw another girl standing on one leg and rubbing her toes. He was about to dismiss her, until she started making her way to the table as well. Curse the tavern that only has one free table, the mixture was just not palatable.


"You could do with a bath before you join us, if that is what you intend boy. It takes more than a big sword to join the Seekers. Do you even ken its full potential?", he asks calmly, his tone laced with an imperious quality as it is obvious he holds himself far above the human.

A challenge.. from a woman? No Name says absently. Obviously he had no ill-intent, but the way it came across would normally receive him a weighty crack to the head, followed by an even heavier crack to their head. Seeing the reaction he got, Nassar decided it was best to clarify,
Maybe you are not such a coward after all, Fartouched Arrow-Slinger.

Listening in on the rest of the conversation and taking a seat near the fiery haired woman, No Name was intrigued. One of the men could not hold his thoughts in his head, he would always speak the truth; the bare-foot woman, although physically impressive, looked under-armed; the red-haired Arrow-Slinger seemed to be filled with enough gusto, though she could not stop calling upon the nine hells every other sentence; the quick-witted quiet man who had insulted the 'free-thinking' individual from before; and the long-bearded dwarf with his face turned into a scowl. The latter spoke to the barbarian with disgust, which No Name was used to,

Would you like to find out, dwarf? I never knew those with such height had noses turned in the air as high as any elf.

Smiling like a fool, young Jim Hawkins nods at the woman who suggests he stops talking. As he starts to open his mouth he quickly jumps up and walks over to the barkeep. Once the barman notices him, Jim asks if its possible to buy the table a round of drinks and put it on a tab to pay once he's be accepted into the Seekers.

If the barkeep declines his request, then he'll begrudgingly pay out of his own pocket and ask the barman to bring the drinks over when they're ready. With that done he returns to the table, doing his best to keep quiet.

Gunghir raises his eyebrows at the youth's instant rise to ire. So easily manipulated into a rage that removed the calm reason and flow of battle.

Gesturing at one of the remaining chairs, he snorts despite his seeming manners.

"Sit if you are going to be joining us, boy. I am sure I will see your attempts at swordcraft during the Test. For now, you should rein in your anger and discipline your emotions before something bad happens.", he recommends with a deep murmur, turning his gaze away from the human as he notes the exchanged between the fire-haired lass and the loose-tongued fellow.

And you should not anger those more powerful than yourself. No Name responded with an air of confidence. He obviously thought less of the Dwarf the more time he spent with the half-man. Pausing for only a moment Nassar said,
Only a coward backs from a challenge, fools challenge and then back down.

"By the nine hells," she said as she stood forcefully and glared between the barbarian and the dwarf. "There are no enemies here, yet. Stop acting like a pair of rutting bucks." She took a deep breath of air as her hand fell to the hilt of the longsword at her side. She wouldn't be the one to start anything, but she'd most definitely be the one to finish it.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she watched the one who spoke his mind. He'd prove the most dangerous, and not as an adversary. His issue would draw attention. The one that seemed the most adjusted though was the only other woman in the room. She sighed as she watched Gina for just a moment. If nothing else, she would stick close to that one if only because she'd want a little girl talk time.

Then there was Konnen. The tiny one hadn't said or done much, and he seemed quite shifty. He was someone she'd have to watch at all times. She suspected, but did not know, that he was a thief. She again checked her money pouch to be sure it was safe. Feeling it swaying against her hip, she sat back down. "How long are they going to sit us here? A Frost giant's teet would thaw faster than this test comes."

Gunghir loses any sense of humor at the brash and filthy human's words. Calmly pushing his chair back, the dwarf stands and looks around the tavern.

Frowning for a moment, he looks at the barbarian neutrally.

"It is a bit crowded in here and I would not want you to claim your sword was too large when you go to meet your Gods. I accept your ill-thought challenge, human. Let us adjourn outside.", he states succinctly, bestowing a small smile to the others before making his way out of the tavern.

Once outside, he moves to where there is open space and waits patiently to teach the youth a lesson.

Konnen watches Gunghir walk outside. "Well, if the exam was a test of patience, he just failed." He looks around at the rest of the people in his 'group'. "Perhaps we should all just relax and wait to see what happens, rather than get into a battle of egos over how someone looks or talks? I'm sure the Seekers want people who can work together, and not people who just kill each other at the drop of a hat."


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