Prologue: The Seekers Exam

Jim smiles and nods to Konnen. He also leans out of the barkeep's way as the man brings the round of drinks to the table. He then looks at everyone in turn and smiles foolishly, making him look even younger than he already does. "Drink and be merry friends. For this is a joyous day, we will be joining the Seekers! Although, some of these people seem ill equipped or suited to it..." He tells everyone at the table, though the last bit is muttered to himself as he grabs a cup from the tray now in the center of the table. Not really worried about what is in it, he quickly takes a sip and smiles broadly at everyone again, ignoring the fact that the Dwarf stomped out of the room.

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Gunghir loses any sense of humor at the brash and filthy human's words. Calmly pushing his chair back, the dwarf stands and looks around the tavern.

Frowning for a moment, he looks at the barbarian neutrally.

"It is a bit crowded in here and I would not want you to claim your sword was too large when you go to meet your Gods. I accept your ill-thought challenge, human. Let us adjourn outside.", he states succinctly, bestowing a small smile to the others before making his way out of the tavern.

Once outside, he moves to where there is open space and waits patiently to teach the youth a lesson.
The dwarf makes his way out of the tavern, leaving the fifth chair open should Gina wish to sit down with the rest of them.

Gina does so, shaking her head. "Thanks for the offer, but no alcohol for me. Just water'll do. Much healthier for the body and mind." She looks back at the girl with bright red hair. The attention she is showing to Gina puzzles her somewhat, but she has done nothing to offend, so it was not a concern to Gina.

So be it Bearded-One. No Name said while standing up from the bar. Removing the sword from it's scabbard on his back, he smiled with the thrill of another challenger. Spilling blood on the first day was most likely not a good idea, but Nassar was not known for his good ideas. Waltzing outside with sword rested on his shoulder, No Name stared pointedly at the Dwarf,

What are your terms?

The bartender sets down a tray of drinks, giving each of those sitting at the tables a once-over. Ai, I'll get ye yer water lass, but t'is no way to celebrate. he says as he makes his way back to the bar to get her water. He's interupted by another patron, and doesn't immediately return.

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