Prologue: The Seekers Exam

Harper sighed and leaned back in her chair. She'd seen the barbarian almost explode, and lead the dwarf outside. To be fair, she couldn't help but think the young, but beefy warrior was a bit in over his head. The legends had all said that the sturdiness of the dwarves was unmatched, and their ferocity in battle was peerless. "By the nine hells, I hope they don't kill each other.

Her eyes absently passed to the door and she tuned out the rest of the bar as best she could, hoping to hear any indication of a battle beyond.
Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 7)
Listen check

Unfortunately for the curious elf-girl, her upbringing didn't gift her with the perceptive pointy ears of her people, and she is unable to hear any signs of battle over the raucous noises of the tavern.

Young Jim looks around the table and then back at the bartender. He looks around at the other patrons in the tavern and then back at the bartender. Finally, his eyes settle back on the table and his new companions. "Well, this is either the easiest test I've ever taken or the hardest..." He exclaims to them all and takes another long swig of his beverage.

Harper pulled her eyes from the door and sighed. The crowd was just too loud, she couldn't hear anything beyond it, or was it Jim speaking his mind again. She wasn't too sure. Though, what the bartender had said.... "By the nine hells, what do you mean not passed? I was told to come here for the test, where in the nine hells is this bloody test?"

Turning back to the doorway, No Name marched in, stone faced with a clean blade on his shoulders, and pride injured. Perhaps one day it will come to blows, but the dwarf was right to lay down his weapon. Had Nassar been a more intelligent man, perhaps he would have done the same.

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