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What is your Anime Plot?

Now you just need to combine all of the above plots and you've got yourselves a series. What should the title of that series be?

"Kaeso is a homosexual mech pilot. You defeat Gundams with the power of racism."

...I was never aware that I was in the closet....weird.

"(name) is a agoraphobic NEET. You defeat God with the power of masturbation."



Meh, I'm okay with this.

Sintaqx is a demonic hikikomori. You defeat Gundams with the power of masturbation.

umm.... ok?

Carnas is a undercover NEET. You defeat God with the power of bowling.

(my name) is a homo***ual mech pilot. You defeat demons with the power of Judaism.

OK I'm bicurious and I'm probably more atheist than anything else.

(my name) is an undercover loli. You defeat corruption with the power of Satanism.

Kamina is an autistic shota. You defeat demons with the power of butt touching.

hmmm.... butt touching.... and little boys apparently.... am I a catholic priest?

Umm, while the concept is amusing, the repetitive nature and excessively sexualized and/or controversially religious content probably merit shutting this down.

Come to think of it, my summary covers 99.999% of all anime...

Probably. But before you do so... can you tell me where you get you're getting this mythically huge supply of dirty anime from?

My collection needs some refreshing.

I would have said 90%. 75% if you stick with stuff that has a legal English version.

Moradea Shut it down then. I am sorry. I didn't know the results were all going to turn out like this.


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