OOC 1: Oldok Village

OK. First battle gogo.

For those of you that have not used ditze before. Here is how it works. All of you can move your token and that of your pokemon to where you want. Then hit the enter key to save. It will change the URL of the page. Then take that URL and link it into your post so the next person can use it an so-on. That way we are all working with the same map.

I couldn't find any good pictures for the enemy so here's the run down.

1. Theris
2. Meathead-1
3. Meathead-2
4. Squinty-eye Guy
5. bashful girl
6. Sympathetic Guy

Is there any way you could make that as, like, a key on the side of the map? Or put that in your post below the link to the map?

*Is anal*

That is one better!

Can you let me know how many pixels tall/wide the squares are? If you like, I can edit the pictures of the trainers so that they fit neatly into one square. Not that yours look bad or anything! Its just harder to make out details.

So can we post whenever and have you sort out the order, or should I wait for samfool to post first since he has the highest dex?

I don't really have a number for you. In ditze you can expand/shrink anything by holding shift and dragging it. So i just expanded the map to make it big.

Looking at the combatants, I think Lily would be best against the Abra or Bellsprout. But I could see Zubat really destroying the Bellsprout, so uh... Mainly, the problem is I only have Tackle, haha.

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