OOC 1: Oldok Village

Well, for the Mareep, at least, they might just be kept around for the wool. But then again, given the Oldok's circumstances....

Haha, this is always the scariest part of a new game. 'Do I really have as good a handle on my character as I thought?' many ask themselves. Time to find out!

Edit: Also I really like the prologue thread title. I get the feeling that things will be mostly uneventful and calm.

Bossman posted a scoreboard for all our metagaming needs!

Also, I agree with Lothorus. I think the fact that the majority of the tribe's capable men and women have gone on a hunt, despite the fact that they are leaving the frequently-attacked settlement vulnerable, indicates that the livestock are not plentiful enough to fill our nutritional needs. So I would say that what livestock we have are used for food only as a last resort.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go collect the doduo eggs and milk the miltank.

Nope, your Moktar stealth-haze has successfully hidden the thread from view. However, I can still see one thread under the DM workshop with stats and things.

Now the GM workshop threads are also imperceptible! Your mystic arts are, indeed, something to strike fear into the hearts of us primative tribesmen(and women). All hail the Flying Duchman!

Oh, right! Windchill, what's this martial endurance you're talking about? I thought I finally had my character's HP down pat (14 times four makes fifty six, plus an additional 4 from the first level makes 60, right?

Edit: Ah, that's a martial artist feature. Maybe you meant to address that to Leon's player, Samfool?

I guess my vision is more mystic because I see everything. Of course, it has nothing to do with me being a reader...

It was for Leon... did I say Sven? LOLOLOL. Sorry.

One of Leon's two class feats gained when he took Martial Artist is Marital Endurance. It reads: "Effect: Add half your STR and DEX modifiers and multiply the total by 5 HP. Add this to your HP total."

His STR and DEX each have a modifier of +2. So Martial Endurance adds +10HP for him, brining him to 54.

Bossman, sorry for the double-post, I just remembered something I meant to ask. Are we supposed to be posting in past tense or present tense? I ask because we have posts in both tenses right now(I personally prefer past-tense, but its clearly up to our great strory-telling flying ghost-ship of a GM).

I honestly don't care that much. Do what ever for now. We can take a vote. Assuming I remember and don't change mid-post.'

And like I said you guys can continue your conversation IC. I wont move things along till everyone gets a least one post in, but feel free to chat it up. *prods players with a stick*


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