OOC 1: Oldok Village

Leon is firing at Pidgey 1 by the by.
Vinaer is using supersonic on the two targets in front of him.

Aaaaand I updated the sheet for Leon

A mutual friend let me know he's currently absorbed into Dark Souls 2, so he might need to be NPC'd for awhile.

I whole heartedly disapprove of Skyrim

Morrowind, I like. The Lore, I like. Heck, even Oblivion was just a step in the wrong direction.
Skyrim was a blasphemous act from Bethesda, almost as bad as the idea for an Elderscrolls MMO

I was a bit disillusioned with Skyrim when, on Video Games Awesome, part of defeating the final boss involved using a glitched-out dragon frozen in place as a meat shield.

It was a game in the beta stage that they just had to release on 11.11.11 >___>
Their testing was minimal at best, insulting at the worst.

<_< ..... >_> ........ *tosses Fallout 3 into the mess of Bethesda muckery*

Alright I'll update when i get home in a couple of hours! Sorry about the delay. The game has gotten a little bogged down lately but fear not! I wont let it die.

sam can vouch. I get a little lax on updates from time to time but they always come.

@Sam need a roll for confusion accuracy

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