OOC 1: Oldok Village

I'll give Sam and Argent a chance to post before updating tomorrow. I wont be around tomorrow night as I've got tickets to see all three dark-knight movies back-to-back-to-back.

So jealous. This is a busy time period at work, or I'd take Friday off and go to the midnight premiere the night before.

*Sigh* I remember in my college days I could stay up til 3-4 in the morning then be ready to go at 8 AM... I feel so frickin' old...

I tired to get it off but we have training in the afternoon. I did con the boss into not making come in till 11 though.

My mind is exploding. I just confirmed I've been accepted for a 13-week travel assignment to a nearby city! It's gonna be quite an adventure, plus I'll be grossing about $5/hr more than I make locally!

WWWAAAHHWOOOOHOOO! Once I stop spasming from sheer excitment, I'll get ta postin'.

Wooo! My new job came with my muse offering me a decent post... and Zednik's impromptu act of leadership came with a natural 20!!!

I'll update when everyones decided whether or not they are going to follow your instructions or if anyone is going to come with you.

Small note: I noticed Nydia's INT and WIS base scores seem to be too high. The cap for any one stat at character creation is 14(regretably).

[EDIT]Disregard. I R TEH NOOB.

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