OOC 1: Oldok Village

Either, or? *pokes Sam with a pointy stick*

*slaps pointy stick away*

I am not in any conversation.
Leon was just excited about the eggs, that was all.

*sharpens stick further and pokes once more* Daeron may be quiet, but he still talked to Leon.

Life has taken a turn for me. Not only did I just move, but I then had an Aunt in a very serious car crash and I'm now helping to care for her children while she recovers. It's not an imposition for me, I love my little cousins, but it does absorb time.

I've also realized that, for some time now, I have been neglecting the truly important things in my life(family, spirituality, general responsibility) for the sake of entertainment, be it online RPing, video games, TV, etc. These things are certainly not 'bad' in their own right... but I've realized that the person I want to be cannot devote much time to these hobbies without sacrificing pursuit of more important goals.

I love the collaborative adventures I've been sharing with you guys. I truly do. I must, however, say goodbye. This is a painful choice but, for the sake of those I love and for the sake of growing into a better man, I have decided to 'unplug' for awhile.

Perhaps when I've met my personal growth goals, I may find time to pursue a hobby again.

You are all awesome, awesome people and I wish you all the best. I also offer my appologies for the disruption this decision will cause for your stories.


Sorry to see you go man.
Leon will be without the pseudo big brother.

*bats pointy stick away once again*
All Leon would do is shrug, continuously licking his lips at the thought of the eggs.
A rather short post xD

That's too bad Windchill, I really loved the direction Sahara's development was going with you and you've been a great guy to be with. I hope to see you again at some point.

Sorry to see you go, but I wholeheartedly understand. Kudos for stepping in and helping your family. I wish you and yours all the best!

Yea. This game was, by far, the hardest to give up. Even harder than Xbox/TV time. You guys are the best group of RPers I've had the privlege to work with. Perhaps in time I'll show back up on the weave...

Until then, take care.

[EDIT] You guys are more than welcome to continue to use Zednik/Kerrha as NPCs.

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