OOC 1: Oldok Village

Much as the loss of Windchill is a bummer, I don't wanna lose the rest of the game too. Come, Dutchie, let's see where the road leads us?

Honestly, I say we just cut to the next day.

We've been sitting here a long time, we need to get some momentum.

My usual standard is to drop any games where there has been no IC activity for a month, barring extraneous circumstances. FD, do you have any intention of continuing this game?

I'd like to, but things have been nuts lately. I'm not really sure what to do since Zednick was one of the chars really pushing the story. I'll try and get a good post up tonight and get things really moving again. I don't wanna be one of THOSE DM's who gets a good game going then lets things die.

I've had a few rough patches before and kept things going but this one has been a lot worse than most.

Well, there's still Leon and Nydia as 'elder' characters. Zednik could be injured or his mother could take a turn, limiting his ability to join the others. Otherwise... you're the DM, give them some inspiration. This is the danger of investing the plot too heavily in a single character.

Amen to that. Like I'll work up a good post tonight.

Also I'm gonna PM boonbies and see if she wants to fill Windchill's spot.

The true power of the springtime of life! *cries manly tears for Daeron*

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