Chapter 2: The Meeting

Chapter 2: The Meeting

The years had been long and productive for the migrants; fifteen years was almost a full generation for many of the races, and there were now teenagers who'd been born on Genesis itself, as well as numerous younger children; the populations had been booming over such a short time. As the years went by, old skills began to come back to life, though many were lost. New skills were learned, both from hard work and by teachings of the natives. Later on, the races began to connect with each other once again, and different settlements made roads to each other.

Leaders emerged and a sense of normalcy began to creep into the lives of those who'd only known war. Magic that was lost, for all even the most attuned and adept of those who survived Lampros' Migration were but youths and half-trained acolytes, was rediscovered, though that barely scratched the surface of what was lost. Still, among those rediscovered were spells of traveling, and the leaders were finally able to meet.

Messages were sent, amplified and sped by more magic and plans made. Within five years of their arrival, the first meeting of the leaders was planned, a year later it was realized. Ork, elf, human, ogre, dwarf and gnome all met, with reservations and hesitancy, old tensions suppressed by war resurfacing and rearing the ugly heads of bigotry. Still, they met, and each year after a formal council was held, though fewer and fewer attended each year.

This year, only a handful of representatives were found at the council, a handful of ogres, a dwarf, a gnome, and an orc, the elves seemed to have withdrawn entirely into their forests. A young human boy was present as well, curious in that he seemed to be young enough to have been born on Genesis, and arrived on his own. He bore only a long bow made of willow wood and had a mess of almost leafy year, as well as unnaturally brilliant green eyes.

Finally convinced no one else was coming, the boy turned to address the rest of those present. "My father, Elric, sends his apologies at being unable to attend himself, but he is attending to a daemonic incursion that recently burst out near our home." He gestured around at the others in the stone temple, now aging nicely, and a chair for each grew out of the ground for each, sized appropriately and arranged in a circle. "The extraplanar threat is growing, slowly, according to my mother, but soon may hit a crescendo. We fear that a large-scale invasion may once again be headed our way, and have a plan to seal off Genesis permanently from this crisis."

He looks directly at each for a moment before continuing. "Before I continue, yes, I realize I am younger than you all, by a fair deal too. Do not let this disturb you. I need to know, before continuing, are you willing to risk utter annihilation to seal this world from that which slew our old home?"

The sole Orc moved slowly but surely, and sat on the chair made for him..his ornate shield and vestments overlaid by a heavy mantle made it clear he was an important priest. Humming softly as if in thought he just sat there waiting for the other dignitaries to arrive. He sat playing with the rope which held his intricate rapier in place, as a peace bond.

One thing of note that stands out, is that his eyes are dark holes with piercing blue pinpricks of light, other then that, he looked fairly normal, if somewhat sophisticated for an Orc, which might just be a good thing.

When the child prodigy talks to the group he replies to him: "Apologies accepted, Devils can be a royal pain, and need to be dealt with with all haste and prudence.."

A massive ogre, the leader of their contingent, leaned back in the proffered chair. Large even by the standards of his tall race, the one known as Guurb was nearly ten feet tall when standing. Clad head to toe in black, spiked full plate, a large glaive was held in one hand idly. His face was cast into a grimace, which only emphasized the scar that ran from his right temple, down his cheek, jaw, and neck, to disappear under his armor.

Listening to this little human child address him as an equal, he shook his head and glanced at the other people seated around him. After the orc speaks, Guurb nods. "Yes, the daemons mustn't be allowed to gain entrance to Genesis. But who are you exactly? Who is this Elric, or your mother, to know these things?"

The boy nodded and smiled. "Elric, my father, is one of the leaders of his community, a human settlement. My mother's name is Artemis, and she took a liking to him shortly after the Migration. Some of you may know her as Willow. My name is Orion." He pauses a moment to let it all sink in. "As one of the spirits, Artemis is rather well suited to seeing the planar boundaries, and has spent much time with the goddess learning the art. Both have concluded Genesis is on the cusp of something large."

The lone Dwarf in the room had ignored the chair offered her, as she usually did at these meetings, and instead sat on the ground. Her clothing was fairly simple, made of sturdy materials colored in rich earth tones, a contrast to the set of delicate irridescent insect wings folded against her back. Her features were what one would expect from a dwarf, but there was something slightly arresting about them, a sign of the touch of fey blood that now flowed through her veins. Unlike her fellows, she carried no weapons and appeared to wear no armor.

wolfish animal sat nearby, taking in the other leaders with undisguised interest and seeming amusement.

Pushing a stray lock of ebon hair out of her face, the dwarf let out a hearty chuckle. "Well now, if there's one thing I've learned over the years is that if one of the spirits of Genesis say we've got a problem, we've got a problem." Looking at her fellows, humor still lingering in her green eyes, she continued in a more serious tone, "I don't imagine any of us are willing to let our home fall to the fiends the way it did before, at least not without a fight. Spirits willing, I'll tear through every damned one of the bastards if I have to."

Her canine compatriot let out a growl that sounded vaguely like a bark before letting out a series of whines and yaps.

The dwarf known as Déorhild rolled her eyes and scratched the animal behind its ear and responding in kind.

The blink dog let out a huff of air.

The smallest of those assembled stirs in his seat as he chuckles. For most it was easy to miss his small form especially in the shadows of hulking form of the ogre Guurb.

Leaning forward his long raven hair almost glistens with a hint of blue as it frames his dusky skin.

"Your monstrous size never ceases to impress me Guurb", he says before looking on towards the dwarf.

"Déorhild, don't get enough of the dirt back home?", he gests as is his custom with his old companion. "No, the young lad said risk total annihilation to close this world to the daemons, not just our lives."

Glancing from the dwarf on around the room he continues, "Seems the plan risks all lives not just our own. Of course, we know that if they are able to invade in full...well, we know what happened to Omega."

His gaze stopping on Orion as he swept the room, "All right lad, what's Whispy Willow got in mind?" And has she discussed it with Holly he finishes to himself.

Right behind Guurb stands another ogre. He is Guurb’s lieutenant named Oric. He looks like he lives in the woods. He always has some kind of animal stench to him. When someone mentions daemons or devils, you can see fire in this ogre’s eyes and a low growl as he speaks. “Yes we have to stomp these daemons out and not let them get a foot hold. It only takes one portal to open and doom this realm.”

"It's not my fault chairs aren't built for people with wings, Tosc." Déorhild laughed. "But aye, my shadowy friend has a point. What's Willow's plan on this? Also, has she spoken to An...Blackthorn or any of the others about this? If this as big as you're implying, we want the best plan we can come up with, I'd think."

Having resisted for some time Tosc can't help but wrinkle his nose at the stench. We've been doing this for nearly a decade you'd think he could take a dip before showing up.

"Okay Oric, I can't take it any more. Guurb here may be used to your stink but I'm not. Surely you've learned how to take a bath these past years?"
, he says as he continues wrinkling his nose.

"Guurb, I don't know how you do it." Tosc says in sympathy to the large scary warrior.

"Oric, would you mind terribly if I removed that stinch so that our meeting can progress more comfortably?"

Waving his hand in front of his face as if to disperse the smell he asks pleadingly, "Pleeeeeeeease?"

Orion nodded, content with the others' answers and chuckled a little awkwardly at the gnome and dwarves jibbing He cleared his throat and continued. "Our peoples have been undergoing a large number of changes since coming here, though this is less apparent to myself than you all. Once Willow and Lampros decided that a large scale incursion was imminent, the contacted the others of their kin, and Willow my father, who has been researching a way to seal the planar bubble around Genesis."

A sphere filled the center of the room suddenly dimmed, revolving slowly. Each present was able to spot their home after a revolution or two and recognized Genesis as the sphere after a few moments. An intricate latticework of webs connected various parts of the planet together, intersecting together and combining on points. Each home was located on or near one of these points of intense light.

"Genesis was chosen by the goddess because it has a particular resonance for planar travel, a kind of magnetism that turns itself on and off every few centuries. With the proper circumstances, in both our and the fiendish case, the circumstance was brought on by great sacrifice which aided in weakening barriers between the worlds. Elric has come to the conclusion that if we "reset" the magnetism of the planet, it will repel planar intruders away, rather than draw them forth to us."

The sphere rapidly diminished in size and another sphere came into view. A red mist seemed to come out of the latter and then formed itself into a bolt that headed straight for Genesis before evaporating once more and sinking into it. A much larger mist, black and green, leeched out of the sphere again and headed in a similar fashion to the Genesis sphere. This time, however, it bounced off and disappeared. "The red was you when the Migration took place, the black and green is what we hope will happen once the reverse takes place, for a while at least."

"There would be a large side effect to this solution, in addition to it only be relatively temporary. Summoning and calling magic will be much more difficult, and dangerous. Both might compromise the barrier, and performing either subschool would be like pulling against Genesis's weight itself, in a magical sense. Are you with me still?"


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