Chapter 2: The Meeting

After watching intently Tosc nods indicating that he is following so far. "I'm with you for now but I must say that I hope that none of us are fool enough to have been missing with such summoning magics or allowing others do do so."

The blink dog's muzzle wrinkled in obvious distaste and it let out a low whine.

Déorhild sighed and her wings fluttered slightly a riot of color dancing over them, "Summoning magics covers a very large field, Tosc, and I can say that some of our Shamans use it extensively to summon animals not native to the areas around our home to help with various tasks. Blocking that sort of thing will hinder a lot of our day-to-day functions, though we could obviously adjust to more mundane methods with a bit of time."

Knowing Déorhild Tosc knew her answer was more a matter of being informative than defensive. That of course didn't stop him from commenting further. "So long as those don't bother the barrier call forth all the furry and elemental friends you want. But if it does... then we all need to reevaluate learning how to do some of our day to day functions in other ways. I'll not see our home destroyed for convenience sake."

"Well that's the thing. If this barrier is going to screw up summoning magic, it's going to screw up all summoning magic, not just the planar stuff." Déorhild pointed out. "Unless I'm understanding it wrong, of course, which if you'd correct me on it Orion, I'd appreciate it."

"Us orcs have not been dependant on summoning magics at all, so no problems for us there, continued evaluation of the use of magic in general seems a bit obsessive, but monitoring the influence of ones use of summoning and its effects on the intrusiveness of the devilkin seems prudent." The priestly Orc replies whilst leaning against his Towershield whilst still sat on his chair, the little dark blue pinpricks of light still ever present.

Orion grimaced and sighed, nodding with Déorhild and the orc. "Some conjurative magic can be reworked to deal with creatures on Genesis here without compromising the integrity of the barrier. However, there is a second problem; dragons." The light regain strength and the spheres disappear. "Some of you are familiar with rumors of dragons, dragonspawn and their spirits, and some of you are familiar with the real thing firsthand."

"For those of you who aren't, let me give you the short recap. The green spirits are much like protectors here on Genesis, distant cousins to the gods, perhaps. The dragons, like us, came as migrants themselves and took over swathes of the planet here. Some of them bred with the natives and created the dragonspawn. Their eldest transcended their mortal lives here and became as the spirits themselves. Since their arrival, the dragons and their spawn have been attempting to take over Genesis, and the green spirits; Blackthorn, Holly, Willow, Hazel and the rest, have been held in check through a primal pact with the draconic spirits."

"Neither branch of spirits are allowed to interact directly with the servants of the others. This keeps the world intact, as the concentrated forces of god-level powers would surely tear it asunder. Unfortunately, the dragons have decided that the fiends would be prime partners, so we have both to deal with."

Oric ignores the Gnomes comments. He knows the Gnome is trying to get a reaction from Oric but this counsel was called to deal with the demon issue not bring up old race hatreds. It will take away from the meeting if he acted against the Gnome so he just listens quietly to the rest of the meeting.

Déorhild started scratching the blink dog behind the ear almost absently as she considered this new information. "That is a problem, and a big one at that. In my admittedly limited experience, the Dragonspawn aren't bright, but if they get numbers bolstered by the fiends we're in trouble in a big way."

"Can't the Dragons be persuaded to see the truth of dealing with the Devilkin? What do we know about the arrangements they might have made? and are all Dragons in on this deal, or is it a majority?" The Orc replies eagerly trying to find out as much as possible..

Orion shook his head. "I don't think so, not as a whole at any rate. You're welcome to try if you'd like though. All we know is that certain planar foci are located in their territory, and to keep the fiends out, we need to seal each major convergence." The lights dim as once more the large globe of Genesis appears in the room. "In addition to the more plentiful dots, Genesis has six major loci, connected by faultlines. Each must be sealed for the reversal to take place, and half of them are held by the dragons, or their spawn. The fiends, obviously, will try to stop us and try to get them to stop us as well."


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