Chapter 2: The Meeting

Oric tries to listen quietly but that's not his style. He grips his huge spear tightly in anger.

Stealth and words are fine but remember some people in the last realm had a live and let live attitude to the demons and look that got us. Yes, we need to talk with the dragons, get allies and to let them at least know we are not attacking them only to get to the demons if they will not let us pass then we will go through them. Stealth is good to find out what where, if, how many demon are porting in and that is good too. I hate going blind into any battle but if the demons are already coming in then we do not have time. We must stomp it out. Oric picks up his foot and stomps it down hard to make a rumble.

It takes only one demon incursion to doom this realm and we all know that, too.

Having been nodding approvingly as he listened to others speak Tosc addresses the council once more. "It seems that there is general agreement given what little we know so far. That is promising. Let us have young Orion here tell us more of this matter that we may better plot the path or paths to take."

Orion had kept quiet for a small time but quickly stepped in once called upon. "We might try a three pronged attack, in two steps. First, we have those among us inclined towards diplomacy make advances towards some of the dragons we know to be mavericks, such as they may be. Tosc and Déorhild are familiar with a green named Yerek who may prove amicable. He is much more powerful than you two know though, being one of the eldest in this world."

"While diplomatic avenues are being sought, a strike team of sorts might be sent to shut the most remote loci down. Afterwards, we would only have two left to deal with, though stealth would likely be lost to us and if poorly recieved, diplomacy too, leaving only a straightforward fight." The boy's face frowned at that prospect. "We are strong, individually, but few, even if some of Genesis' champions were to join us."

"The dragons might not aid their spawn directly, they do fear death. Their spawn, however, do not, mostly being mindless, and even a single dragon is a fearsome thing. A few even have magic to rival myself, which is no mean feat." He takes a deep breath with a slight blush. "The second part would involve a direct confrontation to swiftly overcome the."

"Finally... we could attempt to invoke the Pack Primordial. Which would gather all champions of both the dragons spirits and our gods and spirits. Winner take all. Loser is entirely annihilated, erased from all being."

"Not great options all around. I'd prefer to pursue diplomatic options if we could, making things easier on ourselves is always vastly preferable, and it might be possible that the pact with the fiends is not universally lauded." Déorhild's wings fluttered uneasily, "Though that's a bit of a longshot, and I know that. Really not keen on that fight to the death thing, we should probably avoid that if at all possible."

The small gnome Tosc stirs to speak once again, "The Primordial Pact may well be an avenue. Was not the pact made to keep the Spirits and Dragons from destroying the world in their struggle? If that is the case then the dragons didn't want the world destroyed either at least not then. If they still feel the same then there must be some other stupidity driving them into the arms of the Infernals."

"The Primordial Pact was made indeed for that reason, but also as a was of ending this predicament permanently, should tensions mount too high without the entire world suffering." Orion sounded as though he didn't relish the idea of that happening either. "Your, I should say our, arrival upset the balance, and it may be that the time has come to see the pact played out to its end. But diplomacy may yet be attempted."

The human took out a large stone from his pocket and tossed it to Déorhild. "This is my Sending Stone. It will let you talk to anyone you know, as often as you wish a day. You have a special rapport with Yerek, I would suggest that you start there. Everyone else," He paused to include the rest of the room. "I would say only prepare as you may for the upcoming days. If you invoke my mother over the next week, I'll arrive shortly thereafter."

Déorhild caught the stone and after a light toss, looked over at Tosc. "Right, here's to hoping Yerek's in a friendly mood abou this."

Grinning to Déorhild, "I don't know about the others but that old lizard has a reasonable selfish head on his shoulders. I don't think he'll want his world destroyed any more than anyone else. Who know, he probably will take this as some opportunity to score some points in the internal draconic powerscape as well."

Looking back to Orion, "You still didn't tell us what was involved with shutting these Loci? Do we mumble some words at them? Throw a flower? What? I can't plan without knowing. I'm not as smart as my large friends here in that regard", he finishes with a jest.

"Closing the loci will take a ritual involving personal sacrifice to power it. I know the ritual and will perform the first sealing, enabling whoever is with me to learn it. Thenafter, whoever knows he ritual can seal is, but it'll take a good deal of blood." Orion looked a little queasy at the prospect. "I've only seen it done once before, but it looks very painful. And the leader-sacrifice of the ritual is weakened for a good while afterwards."

"Hmmz.. Does that mean real live blood?, not to be a nag but this may be a problem for some of us.. the orc says softly..


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