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Name:Elian "Random" Milltall
Race: 3, so gnome
Age: 59
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 46 Lbs
Random's appearance is exactly like his nickname subscribes him as, utterly and totally random. His hair is a grassy green, and he has a bushy beard, unshaven. His eyes are the blue of an innocent child, often glimmering with glee at the world around him. He is neither tall nor small, fat nor thin. When one would look upon him when he just awoke they could see either green was his natural hair colour, or he used magic to colour it ALL green, and that his little gnome was also average.
He has several tattoo's on his body, most of them unrelated to each other, and will be specified when asked. The most important one, though, is on his left and right hand. On the left one there is a dice, a normal six-sided one, and on the left, there is a coin.
The beginning of his life were normal. He was an average gnome, from an average family, in an average time, in an average house, with average friends, and average results. And he was bored. Nothing special ever happened. So when he found a coin on the side of the street one day he picked it up, looked at it and said to himself "From this day forward, I'm going to be anything but average, I'm going to have my life guided by chance."
So from then on his life changed, a lot. He still made the choices, like: Will I eat this, or that?, but he didn't make the decisions. Of course in the beginning he cheated a little, but after several years he had gotten into it completely. He always carried several dice and the coin he found on the first day of his new life around, and whenever he had to make a choice, he let Chance do it.
After several years of going around his rolls brought him to an alchemist shop, where he gave himself several options of what to do with it.
It ended with him going inside and asking the owner if he needed a successor. To which the man replied yes, and he became his apprentice. The dice allowed him to stay, and though he created some minor to a little less minor explosions, he lived a fairly happy life.
Until the last memory. He was just doing his normal things, cleaning the room. He tossed up his coin to ask it if he should do it manually or magically, and when it flipped through the sky time seemed to slow. It landed up on the table. There, it turned around a little, and when it stopped... it was on his side. Then, Darkness.
He is a very odd person, at least that can be very certain. He isn't stupid, he'd be capable of beating most of the people with mind games would he want to, but he just doesn't. But though he is odd he always has some sort of charm around him. (Well, unless he rolls himself a one about how he should react, and he goes around yelling and cursing at that person.)
He believes that the average should not exist, because the random, the chaos, is how the world was created.
He is a good person, and would not think about putting something evil on the chances, unless there was a very good reason. If he would roll something evil, though, he will follow through with it until a further roll decides otherwise.
If one were to take his dice away he would probably go into a obsessive compulsive state to find something to randomize with. He doesn't trust his mind enough to make an appropriate random number, so he needs something or someone else who is uncontrollable to do it.
His behavior can change per day, per hour, per minute, even, if he feels like gambling. Where one day you may find a dwarven-like man with racial distrust, a great liking for ale, and the liking of all things glimmery, the next day you may find him with a half-elf feeling like he belongs to everyone, but is left out by them.
Because he was often putting random things together, which sometimes worked well, sometimes less well, he has several inventions on his name: Random's exploding flask(tm), Random's eyebrowscorcher(tm), and Random's scent of a night out(tm) are several of his creations.