John Clarke's Thoughts

John Clarke's Thoughts

I remember that last night I fell asleep wondering about my dad then i woke up outside in the cold with a bunch of other people and a dead giant. The other people looked like they had a lot on there plate too but i think the man who fell had the most problems being sick and all. Ive always been quite that probably why i didn't say anything until that skinny kid Snap-On I think got me all sorts of pissed off. All the others said something like this will be like d&d i've never played d&d i hope this uncertain cave turns me into something good like Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 or Chris Redfeid from Resident Evil I just hope it wont kill me.

What happen to me i'm dead it turn me into a Eladrin then killed me then brought me back as a undead Eladrin Revenant. Even thous people who appeared changed there now two women one named David who's now Allyria and huge half elf who was crippled named Zhu Guan , a dragon born who is really tall too named Jack Fox, a talking female raven called a Kenku named Vicky who can mimic other people voices ,even a Githzerai whos name was Ace but now called Hurm dar Rivek, and a halfling who's really short named Jared Lees. I feel like the odd one out mostly because the fact everyone alive even that clerk who looked like a devil is alive. I hope every thing turns out even thou everyone keeps saying this is an big d&d campaign i don't think this is a game at all I'll give all i have to see my father even just for a moment.

Well this is it I have my equipment and my team members I also pick up something else something dark everything I see now has a haze. Death to me seems like something expected as if everything around me needs to die. I hope the others don't noticed my blood lust. We started in the dungeon maybe soon well be able to leave the dungeon... I mean how big can a dungeon be.

Well we started the great big dungeon and guess who introduced us that skinny kid Snap-On. I couldn't be more excited once my blade tears apart any thing that gets in my way. Now we opened the door to this place I still wonder what was in that other door but for now theirs people around a camp fire. I thought it was a great ideal for the little halfling to go sneaking around but the others have a point if we split up we could be hacked to bits and our blood would run down the blades of our killers. Well this is fun no matter how we go towards it and who knows.... we might have to kill them.

We figured out that those people around the fire were actually 3 orcs. One of them was missing an eye and looked very sick he could die any day now but all of them looked like they given up not only on the dungeon but life it self. The dungon is already taking toll on some of the others like Jack the Dragonborn a man of justice almost killing an orc just for knowledge. I wonder how our first meeting with something that does want to kill us will go. I guess I'm not the only one who hungers for blood I'm just more vocal about it.

We all manage to get in another form of trouble in this form is a door not just any door a door of doom I should say as it is trapped with fire that almost cook the big guy and lightly toasted the bird. The strange runes on the door might be a clue of where we need to go. That guy Snap-On said it was a dungeon made from celestial so i wonder if its there language. We may have to vote on a leader of our group so that everyone is on the same page sort of speak the bird Vicky seem a pretty good candidate probably because she's having me follow her around with the light source. I do wonder if those orcs knew about the door, are all the doors in this place like this I wounder what were going to do when we run out of food I hope that doesn't happen I may be undead but I still get hungry... I wonder how brains taste like...

Well the third time is the charm... kinda its still trapped so we went into another door but we opened it and guess what that dorky kid Snap-One and a guy in a cloak. I wonder what those letters are and whats with that green stuff in that bottle. What other surprises does this place have I already died once I don't want this to be my permanent residents.

Well it turns out that man in the black cloak was another sponsor, Jacks sponsor. It also turns out we are not the first one ever to be in this dungeon I do wonder if they made it out alive. That thing in the the bottle is called the winds of change its suppose to change you again at least that that's what it sounds like the only thing is its unstable. The two were talking like it was alive and it had feelings. Snap-On did say this place was built by celestial beings but he really didn't say anything about what was inside of it. I also starting to think I may be the only person who was given a choice to come here but i will make it out and if I need to use the winds to do that then I will be glad to turn myself more in to a hideous monster to do so. I may just keep these thoughts I could turn them into a book when I get out.

Looks like its time for a new beginning I wonder if its going to kill me and how many times am I going to change into something non-human only time will tell.

Well we decided to give the winds to Hurm he a better match for it anyways as for me I have my own bound... my sword now I feel like I'm a powerful undead warrior who goes in to battle with a blade and a desire to see my enemies fall before me. Well we went into the other door into to a "T" shaped corridor with another trap. I'm starting to think that were going to encounter a million and one traps in this place. The party is starting to getting to know each other and they appointed me rear guard anyone else would be ashamed to be placed in the back but not me cause no matter where my enemies are they will taste my blade.


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