Jevak "The Lightning Bolt" Lecart PC

Jevak "The Lightning Bolt" Lecart
"I've fought rats stronger then you."

Race: Human
Age: 22
Blood Type: A
Job: Lancer
Origin: Audria
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weapons: One Handed Swords, Two Handed Swords, Spears

Stats: Level 1
HP: 240 /240 MP: 50 /50 DEF: -50 MDEF: -0
STR: 3 (D12) [+30 Melee Damage]
AGI 6 (D6) [+60 Ranged Damage]
VIT 2 (D20) [+20 HP/Level]
INT 2 (D20)
MAG 4 (D10) [+40 Magic Damage, +15 MP/Other Level]
PER 5 (D8)
LUCK 4 (D10) [Critical Multiply x4]
Augments: 0 AP
Jump d8
-Jevak can use his powerful jumping skills to avoid attacks or set up for his own attacks.

Limit Break
Limit Break I: HeavenboltThe user dashes forward before rocketting off the ground with incredible force, shooting into the air with the crackle of lightning in their wake. Once they reach the peak of their jump, they become enveloped in electricty before shooting straight towards their target, the sound of thunder echoing as the streak of lightning slams into the foe.

100% Critical Hit chance.
100% Hit chance
Lightning-based Damage.
Dodge attack while using "Heavenbolt"

Thunder 10MP, 40 Damage
Lightning Materia

Equipment Partisan
Lightning Materia
[33 Damage]
Plated Leathers (Light) [+20 HP, 50 Defense]
Steel Bangle [+Libra Skill d10 to discover enemy attributes]