Asahina Eikou - Rockstar Fashionplate

Asahina Eikou - Rockstar Fashionplate

Name: Asahina Eikou
Clan: Crane
School: Kakita Artisan
School Rank: 1
Insight Rank: 1
Insight: 135

Void Points: 2/2
TN to be Hit: 20
Initiative: 4k3
Glory: 1.0
Status: 1.0
Honor: 5.5

Air: 3
REF 3 (12 Points)
AWA 3 (+1 Rank from School)
Earth: 2
Fire: 2
INT 3 (+1 Rank from Family)
Water: 2
Void: 2


[7] Courtier 3* - Gossip
[2] Games: Sadane 2 *
[5] Etiquette 3 *
[0] Sincerity 1 *
[5] Optional skill: Perform (Shamisen) 3 *
[0] Optional skill: Storytelling 1 *
[2] Optional skill: Perform (Song) 2 *
[3] Lore: Heraldry 2
[1] Craft: Tailoring 1
[1] Temptation 1

[1] Darling of the Court (Kyuden Otomo) - SUBJECT FOR APPROVAL
[3] Benten's Blessing
[3] Sensation

[5] Rumormonger

Court Robes
Beautiful Clothing
Art Supplies (Shamisen)
Steed: Rokugani Pony
Traveling Pack
10 Koku

Traveler's pack
Bottle of Sake
Ink Brush Kit
Makeup Kit
Personal Seal
Sake Cup

Rank 1 - Soul of the Artisan - Choose one optional school skill as your Chosen Art. This skill gains +2k0 and raises are not limited by void. In addition, anytime you are using Games: Sadane to criticize an art or performance, gaine 1 free raise.
Chosen Art: Shamisen

Darling of the Court - Status is 1 rank higher while in Kyuden Otomo's court sessions.
Benten's Blessing - All persuasion-type rolls gain a +0k1 bonus. Not applicable to coercion.
Sensation - All perform skills are treated as having at least 1 rank.

Rumormonger - Eikou is unable to resist spreading juicy gossip. If confronted with an opportunity to spread rumors, he must succeed at a willpower roll equal to 5 times the glory rank of the highest involved individual.

Mastery Abilities
Courtier 3 - +3 Insight
Etiquette 3 - +3 Insight

Character Fluff
Look, I don't know what I can tell you that you don't already know. It's not like he's the most subtle of individuals and it's not like he makes an effort to NOT bring attention to himself.

Okay, let's see... Once the first snow falls this year, he would be around his 20th year but still acting like a spoiled child. I wouldn't want to say it was the fault of his parents, but they cultivated and encouraged that flouncing peacock since he was a child so I won't say that they aren't at fault too. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah...

Because of the lack of decent representatives to the Otomo court this year, it looks like they'll be sending him along with whatever contingent the Crane will be fielding. It's not his first appearance at Winter Court but if things keep up, we can ensure that it's his last. Just drop an attractive person, it doesn't matter if it's a man or woman, with an attentive ear who's willing to put up with that tripe he calls "music" and you're guaranteed insider information on whatever it is the Crane are plotting. Just play into his vanity and you've practically won.

That's not to say that this doesn't come with its fair share of risk. Surprisingly, many of the Otomo find his songs to their liking, mostly because he chooses themes that incite anger and revolution. Sure, it all sounds like pansy love songs but underneath them, you'll find subtext so sharp that should its intended recipient hear it... they'll know that something's up. He's ruined more than one aspiring samurai and you might find yourself in that same pit if you don't tread lightly.

Now if you want to know something more about him... maybe we can work something out? I hear that your clan is in need of a way to transport soldiers... discretely...

Public Knowledge - his choice of music is very avant-garde, incorporating theatrics and even audience participation. Should you catch his eye, you can be sure that everyone will know about it.

Unlike many other samurai, he takes a great deal of interest in what goes on with the heimin, especially those who peddle in textiles and fabrics. If you can't find him in court, you'll find him at the marketplaces. Just follow the sound of those foolish folk fawning over him.

His parents are shugenja but he can't perform a lick of magic. If you ask him though, he'll say that his music is magic enough.

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