The Name in Stone

"Sounds like an early morning and a spooky night," Derek said with a sigh, shifting to get comfortable back against the tree. "My favorite kind. Toby, what kind of assistance do you need?"

The boy scratched the back of his head thoughtfully. "Peace and quiet, duh. Don't know if you can help, Derek. Crows n' I know the scape better than you, I figure. Just make sure nothin' comes n' eats us here, kay?"

"Fair enough. I think the women and I can handle that small task."

"Not that it'll be easy,"
Amanda said with a little grin. "Do us a favor and sleep a little further away from the others, that way it can just be you that gets eaten."

Toby smirked and gestured rudely in her direction. "You'd miss me."

"I'd certainly miss you...and have to kill someone. Let's avoid that." Sam smirked. "There are probably some people sleeping right now, the night watch at least, if you'd like an early start. Whatever you want to do, I trust you. Just be careful." She ruffled his hair "Do you need anything from us before we head back to camp?"

"Might be a good idea to nose around," Toby said. "Nah, I got everythin' I need. Go on then. Get some sleep, or have fun not. I'll see ya tomorrow."

"See you tonight maybe? ...if you aren't too preoccupied of course." Sam waved a little, "have a good night everyone. See you all in the morning."


Ravan looked at Jasper, his expression thoughtful. "You know, if you have time, I'd like to hear your account of the Demon War. And as many of those of your friends as are willing to give them. I'm not much of a scribe, but that sort of information would be very useful to my order." The old aphorism about knowledge being power still held true, after all, especially in cases like these. Besides, it might give Ravan some insight into the characters of the people he found himself traveling with.

"I might drop by," Toby said with a grin. "We'll see how exciting things get."

"And the rest of us will get sleep,"
Derek said with a yawn. "See you tomorrow."

Jasper wasn't sure how much sleep he'd be getting. Something bothered him about the whole affair - perhaps the night would be an excellent time to ferret it out. Besides, he wasn't sure how he felt about sleeping somewhere that was known to be haunted by something. He glanced over at Ravan and smirked. "Yeah, that'll make for a good bed time story. Sound dreams all around, yeah?"

Sam nodded her understanding before heading back for the Helmenite camp. She would have liked to stay longer, but there were other things to do before resting. Everyone else could either follow or stay behind as they pleased, but there were people expecting her at dinner time.

"Not like we were in for a good night's sleep anyway," Aurelia interjected, walking along Jasper's other side as though she had always been there. "Though, honestly, I'm a little curious to see what sort of dreams I have. My nightmares have been getting a bit repetitive of late."


Ravan looked at Aurelia, giving her a nod of understanding. "I've had ill-omen dreams since I was in my teens. Not much to be done about it - professional hazard. Although it started after my mandatory tour in the service, rather my matriculation to the Denavashor." He licked his lips, and thought he tasted iron. He did not elaborate.

Samantha chuckled to herself at the conversation behind her. She'd been having the same "nightmare" for over six months, yet every time it was different, and she'd died in more ways than she cared to count. It had lessened the impact of such events significantly and most nights she chose to float bodiless through the remainder of whatever her mind concocted or simply change the setting to an empty beach and enjoy the peace.

There was still the question of how powerful the unknown influence would be, and whether or not she'd know it was a dream once inside it. Worrying, she decided, would do no good because it was coming one way or another.

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