OOC Chatter.

OOC Chatter.

There wasnt an ooc thread and dropping my questions anywhere else would just clog things up. In the profile it says game of thrones like. Can you elaborate? Is there a magic level? Is it high fantasy with elves and whosywhatsit or low fantasy with a sword abd sorcery feep. Ive a couple character ideas but they arent much more than jumping points without soke setting info.

In Cortex+, the GM (technically Watchtower, but I gave up on the goofy terminology for RPGs a long time ago) makes a few broad strokes and the setting is much more sketched out in character creation. It's sort of character creation and world building at the same time.

That said, since we have so few options for increasing Assets at the beginning, I think that it's probably best to wait to proceed with the lifepaths before everyone has a character concept down.

Im aware of the rules and group creation oc c+ but it doesnt start you with a blank slate and ask you to fill things in. The default setting is smallville. The DC Universe as presented in the show. The the default setting presented here so far is 'game of thrones like' im asking for some more info before I delve in for a character. For example if I made a wizard with fantastic magical gifts, I wont btw, it would not fit in the game of thrones universe at all.

As per c+ we dont actually build the world. We use the map to populaye it with a cast and locations surrounding the central characters. Guide lines for the world are very important so the players and the gm are all in the same page.

Sorry if this is blunt abd dbaggy I am currently gettinf rained on at work which has caused the humidiry to spike.

No prob. With Game of Thrones like I mostly meant power struggle and relationship drama in a fantasy like setting. I'm imagining some magic and strange creatures, since it is after all a Smallville game. Though if the rest of the players are violently opposed to it, I'll do it non magical.

My own thoughts is that you have a great big citystate similar to Baldur's Gate, Ankh Morpork, Sharn, Korvosa or Ptolus. There'd be some elves and dwarves and wizards. Though I imagine it to be rare.

But some world creation can be created through pathways. If someone suddenly comes up with Captain Hendricks a Airship Captain or the Demon Lord Grazt'kr'Ýr it will take the world in a certain direction. I don't want to limit anyone's creativity. In the same vein, somone could draw a line to someone with the text injured in the war, and it would cement a the fact that a war has happened or is currently going on. So some setting creation will come natural to the pathways system.

Hopefully we can come up with a great cast, while figuring out the setting. But as I said the only thing I had firmly in my mind was the big melting pot of a metropolis where every day is a wild adventure.

What does "the full set" mean? I'm asking because the number of lifepaths gives us an idea of how experienced/powerful our characters should be. Generally, 5 is for a starting out character, 7 is for a somewhat experienced character, and 9 would give a powerful character.

All the way to the Identity step. You'll have the same for drives, but slightly higher Assets, Resources and Relationships.


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