OOC Chatter.

Undying_dreadlord has bowed out as well. Do the rest of you wish to go on with just the 3 of you?

With only 3 players, my worry would be that there would be too much of two players ganging up on the third. If it's going to be set up so that it's not always the same two against the one, I'd be willing to continue.

I should be able to create enough tension and drama that would put all three in direct conflict with each other. And I can see alliances change often so that it won't happen. But it's up to you guys too. If two players decide that they are going to cooperate no matter what, there's not much I can do.

I'm willing to give it a shot. I think starkllr needs to reassign his relationship upgrade that went to undying_dreadlord then. Is there anything else we're waiting on to finish step 2? Did everyone put their location down?


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