In Camp

In Camp

All game related chatter can go here, but should be kept entirely out-of-character.

Wow...All the Characters ARE incredibly young...Zeph is 26 because he's a Wizard...but...I think the average age of everyone else combined is like 16...

I said "Average". Most of the others range from 14-16. I do gotta admit...that's incredibly low...

I know. 16 is the lowest a PHB character can be, as 15+1d6.

Originally Posted by zenninpo View Post
Looks like you get to play fatherly figure lol
My Character's a descendent of Vangerdahast who idolizes his ancestor. Would've ended up being a bit of the Fatherly Figure regardless.

Well, even though my character is probably somewhere around the middle of age, he will probably become the leader. Unlike those born into the army or the police his view of the world is true, and he has both a high natural charm, and a high supernatural charm. Charm person, that is.

Kenderell is pretty good at Bluffing, but the rest of the social skills are useless to him.

Zeph is not a leader...or at least not the "Leader". He's the "Man behind the Curtain".

Don't really see anyone I honestly think -should- lead the group...should be a "Knight"...A Purple Dragon Officer.


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