In Camp

And Kerim...I won't say that the Boss will go with it or anything...But do keep in mind that War Wizards are very rarely put in charge. Unless the Mission is specifically Magic-based.(Though they DO also tend to be more independent, telling the Purple Dragon Knights what they are willing to do and the Knight having to work with that. But with the whole Setting Shift, that could be completely changed.

Charm person doesn't really do much good, and having someone forcefully attempt to put themselves in a leadership position via magic doesn't seem like the best display of moral character for a war wizard..

Well, I will try to let it use the 'true strike for social skills' rule.

Do also remember...a lot of Purple Dragon Knights are Paladins...That means very high Willpower Saves. You can't always count on Charm Person as a Social means...And "Charm Person" on the Knights is just not there's almost guaranteed to be more than one, and as soon as someone catches you Charming the Knights, you're dead.

Certainly. But at a lot of other moments it does help. Mostly against the regular folks. Fighters, for instance, don't have them that high, and those are often the bulk of an army.

Just do me a favor and promise me you'll use the spell wisely and not abuse it.(Because abuse will get you killed. XD )

Of course. If I wanted to abuse a spell I'd have picked alter self! (Oh, wait...)


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