In Camp

... I got a really weird image in my head of missiles made out of crap with a halo above them...

Also, if not for serious RL issues I won't bail on MW!

Woo! Now if only I had any clue how to play a Favoured Soul, lol. For feats I'm absolutely lost, and spell choices probably aren't going to be very good... But who cares, I'm a monkey!

Okay, I finally got an idea. Gonna go for 4 Favoured Soul/4 Sorcerer, picking up Practiced Spellcaster twice to pick up the slack in both of them, then go for Mystic Theurge. Sounds solid, and the Sorcerer multiclass fits with the "Ancient Vanara blood magic" thing.

A pimp slapping monkey! I've never played a Favored Soul so I wouldn't be able to offer any solid advice I'm afraid.

No need, I just had an idea (see above post).

Who me? I run a massive home building company here in Utah... I certainly don't have time for those kind of shenanigans

TA, if we don't encounter a Mystic Theurge by level 9 for me to learn from, I will be sadfaec. I'm guessing our resident Sorcerer will be willing to teach me the power of the inner blasty?

LOL...I'm sure something will come along

Alright, I am in! And I only needed to make an epic fail and gain a painful head to notice...

Teach you the power of the inner blasty? That depends. Can you handle the fwoosh?

Also, our group is a great sausage-fest. Great idea, TA, to have a group of teenagers not have any girls with them.

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