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Post your top ten villains!?!?

Interesting concept. Let me see if I can images along with my stuff. I would consider Shane Walsh to be more of an anti hero then a villain. He had a mental breakdown. I am sorry but I can't consider him to be a villain Nkor. Anyways below are my top 10 favorite villains from all time.

Club Villain
1.) Sylar from the Tv show HEROES
2.) Kurgan from the movie Highlander
3.) The Shredder from the TMNT Comics, Movies, Show, Etc
4.) Shao Kahn from the video game Mortal Kombat
5.) The Scarecrow from the BATMAN franchise
6.) Albert Wesker from the RESIDENT EVIL franchise
7.) Orichimaru from NARUTO
8.) Count Dooku from STAR WARS
9.) The Demon known as Crowley from the tv show SUPERNATURAL
10.) Stephen King's It, as portrayed by the very talented and world renown actor Tim Curry

Crowley and Kurgan love'um. Interesting choice with Dooku rather than any other star wars villain. And Tim curry is amazing It however hurts my brain what with the pre teen orgy that occurs after their final childhood confrontation with pennywise. Gaaaaah it hurts me still.

Love seeing everyone's lists though, keep them coming guys

I found Count Dooku to be one of the most satisfying villains ever. A True fallen Jedi in every regard. Reading the comics and novels really brought his character to light for me. I like your style Prof. It took me 30 mins to make up that post. I had to think on what villains make me happy.

I recently rewatched the entire Resident Evil movies fast forwarding through all the Alice scenes of nonsense. It was like an hour and a half for all 4 movies. LOL I am gonna see the new movie even though I hate her with a passion.

True that, unlike our take on Dooku I guess I never really thought in depth about it. And, yeah dude I came up with the idea thought I had a list and the took the entire time I had my kids in the tub editing my list and rethinking things.

I too have this resident evil/ bad movies I general disease forcing me to watch them despite my better judgement

Why do they keep getting non american actors to play american roles? They have some swedish guy who can barely speak English playing Leon Kennedy the best RE character ever? UGH!

Only good thing about the new movie is they're bringing back Odeh Fehr as Carlos. I hated Carlos in the video game but loved him in the movies. Hell the best thing about the RE5 video game was the Lost in the Mansion DLC. Better then the entire game.

1) Ryan Gaerity (Tommy Lee Jones - Blown Away)
2) Maleficent
3) Top Dollar/Myca (The Crow)
4) Xanatos
5) The Troll in Cat's Eye
6) Hexidecimal
7) Witch-king of Angmar
8) The Joker
9) T1000
10) Stripe (Gremlins)

Some interesting choices on this list sir.

A gremlin? Wow, just all in all some interesting choices.

Gonna have to find Reboot online and edumacate myself...

Far as I know, you can find every episode (of everything) on youtube.


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