Vlad Karyevski

Name: T@CTICUS_PRIM3 (Real Name: Vlad Karyevski)

Profession: Cybernetics Researcher, Employer <Redacted>

Personality: To his enemies: Quiet, Methodical and Ruthless. To his friends and to strangers- Reserved but Compassionate.

Build: 5'11, 170 lbs, Military Physique, Cybernetics

Stats: Power: 2 Technique: 2 Defense: 1 Movement: 1 Potential: 1

Fighting Style: Miltaristic Combatives, Systema (aka Russian Martial Art)... and, later, Awesome Robot Stuff. Power-Focused, but as he levels he'll throw in Defense first, then Technique.

Background: Vlad is a Russian immigrant to the United States. He joined the Soviet military in 1974 at age 15, made it into the elite special forces before turning 20, and completed his term of service in 1982. He studied Neuroscience and Robotics until 1986, and spent the next four years doing classified research for the Soviet government. After the fall of the USSR, he saw that opportunity would be in the West. The United States was all too eager to take in a brilliant young scientist who had been part of cutting edge work on the blending of man and machine. He's since been a model citizen of Metro City, while commuting slightly out of town to do his secret work in government labs.

Little do they know that he's been applying his knowledge. With the help of his girlfriend who immigrated with him, an Soviet military surgeon until moving to the United States to work in the Metro City hospital, he has been adding various cybernetic components to himself. Most of his bones have been sheathed in titanium, and he has integrated cameras and high level image enhancement software behind his eyes, allowing him to use infrared, x-ray, and telescopic vision. Mostly, the cybernetic benefits are wireless, thought-based interface with various devices he has constructed.

He took up the mantle of Tacitus_Prime to rid the streets of the disorder he so despises. The heroes are inefficient, disorganized, and lack the will to do what's necessary to deal with the gang violence.

He will show Metro city how crime is really dealt with.


Titanium Fist High Attack: Vlad keeps his arm relaxed and his fist solid, and swings that fist right into the opponent's jaw. Ever been hit by a piece of soap in a towel? This is worse.

Titanium Knee/Titanium StompLow Attack: Versus StandingVlad gets in close, and powers a knee into his opponent's ribs. Versus Sliding/Prone Vlad brings his weight down on the opponent via foot.


Bonecracker: Reverse Low Vlad sees an incoming kick or low punch, and comes down with a hard strike against whatever the offending joint is, bending it the wrong way.

Spinal Tap: Counter High Vlad rushes forward and puts his hand over the enemy's face while continuing to move past them. As they are forced to lean back, he delivers a devastating knee to their spine.

Painkiller: Stun Low Vlad overextends the opponent forward, then drops a heavy elbow to the back of their head.