Alright! Time to beat down on some street punks!

By the way, GM question: What sort of moves does our chosen method of gaining Potential unlock? Will there be a system where two-keyword moves and beyond cost a certain amount of "Focus" or "Pain" or "Rage Meter?"

@Prophetic Joe: Strike Names for a speedy, high technique character? Depends on flavor.

If you want asian martial arts flavor (which, with the Bruce Lee and Jeet Kun Do, I think you do), use animal attack, environment, and element names. "Snapping Water Cobra" for a high punch, "Wolf Claws at the Moon" for a juggle, "Steel Eagle's Talons" for low kicks, etc.

@DM: Thought- how would you feel about a system for stances? Instead of just a single moveset, maybe we can have stances that add certain bonuses but keep us from using moves outside that stances 'style.' Or keyword stances (but gaining them as if the next level of strikes: when we get 2-keyword strikes, we get 1-keyword stances), that could add a single keyword to all our attacks for some cost in effective stats. Just a fighting game thought, since a lot of such games make characters change stances to do certain special moves from those stances, and force dynamic stance changes if characters want to pull of truly epic combos.

Edit: and "Slapping Tail of the Dragon" for a spinning back kick that delivers serious knockback.

Joe, I'm surprised your 0-High wasn't the super-fast high kick that Bruce Lee is famous for.

Hey, Ginx, can you post all of the Keywords into their own thread for our reference?

of course! thanks for ur work

5 right so 1 more person has to post?

Fat Cook is still behind the counter, cooking fatly.

Indeed, cooking fatly and making couches wonder why he eats here.

hey! he just did his fat flying bite attack, so he is no longer cooking fatly, but instead is flying fatly... lol

Suddenly I remember Won Won from Final Fight 2. Flying fatly through the air at ridiculous heights, and landing without breaking himself.


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