When will my opponents react to being kicked in the face?

I wondering that too...I kicked a guy and then I shoulder charged a guy...wonder when they'll realize they've been waylaid.

to clarify somethings. When the battle started you and the bad guys were still too far apart, and turn 1 basically was spent on bad guys moving in on you. now you are in melee range, so you'v only executed 1 attack so far.

BTW I need actions from Fast speed on round 3!

no you can't, 1 attack per round regardless.

basically round 1 the only thing that happened was movement.

Round 2 the first 2 opponents decides to use low initiative charge attacks, so one got counter hitted, and another got juggled. but speed used a low attack and his opponent also happen to use a low attack with the same initiative, so neither scores a hit.

Round 3 we are still waiting on speed, but jacob combos and vlad clean hits his enemy and defeats him.

I'm resigning from this game due to lack of response to my actions and queries.

Round 1: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthre...65#post5928665
Round 2: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthre...85#post5933785
Round 3: Nothing

Speed, your jump attack has to target high or low. it can't be either.
A jump attack that hits high is exactly what you shown on the pick.
where as a jump attack that hits low is like a low drop kick or a jumping stomp.

So it has been some time since anyone has posted. Is this game dead? GM you giving up on it? If so I would like to say it was fun while it lasted and please remove me from play.


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