Will Prest PC

Will Prest
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Race: Human
Age: 18
Blood Type: B
Job: Soteph Cadet
Origin: Landish
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Weapons: Longsword

Stats: Level 1 EXP 531
HP: 295/295 MP: 50/50 DEF: -41 M.DEF: -14
STR 3 (D12) [+30 Damage]
AGI 7** (D8) [+70 Ranged Damage]
VIT 8*** (D8) [+80 HP/LEVEL, DEFENSE 26]
INT 4 (D10)
MAG 4 (D10) [+40 Magic Damage, +15MP/LEVEL]
SPI 2 (D20) [M.DEFENSE 14]
PER 4* (D10)
LUCK 1 (D30) [Critical x2]

Limit Break
Limit Break I: Dawn of Soteph
Bringing his sword close to his chest, William thrusts the blade skyward as light shines from the blade, casting an aura of shimmering light in the area, covering himself in a glowing array of knight-esque magical armor while protecting allies.

Knight Armor (Grants: Protect, Shell, Bravery and Faith) -Each lasts five posts.
Shield Other (Grants: Protect and Reflect) -Each lasts five posts.

HP Level: 97

Blade: Cadet Blade, 15 Damage (Attack=45) [Spell Command Torch (+40 Dmg), Chill (+40 Dmg), Shock (+40 Dmg)]
Grants Cure
White Sheath
A pale blue ribbon
Blue Ribbon [Whenever attempting to dodge an enemy, Agility is one D# higher.] -Learned NO

Slot 1:
Much better than red. Fashionable.
Blue Shield [HP +25] (2) VIT
Slot 2:
Made from thicker stuff-
Institute Jacket [+20 HP, DEF 15]

Arms Magic
Cures 50 HP + Magic Damage Bonus
Cure (10 MP) [Equipped] -Learned

HP +25 -Learned