Stage 1A - Floppy Joe's

Stage 1A - Floppy Joe's

It's about 6 pm in the Afternoon, dinner time. You are sitting at a local restaurant grabbing a meal because you are too lazy to cook. Except for the big fat guy who is dressed like a chef. Today the restaurant is down to only 1 waiter, so the chef had to help out at the register. Floppy Joe's is no fancy restaurant, it serves traditional American food. Pasta, burgers, know the traditional stuff, cheap and filling.

Suddenly the front doors is kicked right open and ten guys rush into the diner. Even though there is 10, 5 of them look awefully similar to one another with only minor differences. In short, 5 of them look like punk kids with mohawks, wearing vest jackets and jeans. The other 5 looks thugs who has an overcoat and wearing sunglasses.

"Hey Fat Boy! You kicked us out last time. It won't be so easy this time. We brought friends! We are gonna mess you up real good!!"

Five of them come forward with a menacing attitude, pushing tables aside as the customers scramble for safety.

"You can't come in here, Wait to be seated!!"

The one remaining waiter tried to stop them, but was knocked unconscious with a single punch to the face.

Round 1! START!

You foes: Thugs 5 x Pete, 5 x Larry

Candy reacts quickly, rolling backwards off of her stool and jumping into a Princess Pirouette, hitting multiple enemies with the arc of her heel.

Vlad stands up, picks up the the table and throws it over towards the thugs. "You interrupt my meal, I interrupt your consciousness. <bleep>ing little punks."

He stands up, runs to the nearest one not hit by the table, and delivers a brutal Spinal Tap.

"You gotta be kidding me." a the well-built worker stands up, still dressed in his furniture company's uniform, his name on his shirt...but it's overshadowed by the sudden appearance of xXxw3got200couchesxXx over his head. He spins about with the quickness and kicks his table forward at the goons that approach. He waves a hand in provocation at the nearest punk daring them to step up.

"Let's do this!" Feeling a need to react a young man in a red ball cap and carrying a backpack stands quickly from his table. With a crazy show of arrogance for someone who hasn't fought much he adopts a side style martial arts stance. Turning the palm of his lead hand to face him he does a four finger beckon to the thugs. With a cocky smirk he says, "Come get some!"

The chef looks flabbergasted as the ruffians bust into the place: You...dirty...hooligans! That's it - that that that IS IT!!! the fat man's body is in tremors with rage, his face gone beet red; he tears off his smock in a fit, to reveal... layers of fatty fatness.... He gets over his self-imposed embarrassment soon however, and lunges at the nearest punk with his
Hits HIGH, basic high attack; he isn't 'flying', just flavor text
mouth leading the way!

Well, in that case, I change my action
Given Recent Revelations
Candy sits at the bar when the poor and unfortunate burst in the door and start making unreasonable demands.

She considers interfering in the situation. Mr de'Gleu is a serious businessman, though. She's sure that he'll take care of this with his usual gusto. It would be rude to embarrass him by interrupting.

Candy continues to drink her strawberry milkshake, and remains 3 spaces away from all Petes.

Couches stands by for a second as he holds out his hand and gives the one finger salute to one of the thugs. His face remains blank, a poker face for certain as he rotates his left shoulder back. He opens his mouth, but instead of saying anything his normally calm face turns into a look of aggravation.

He reaches out and catches what was left of his burger outta the sky before it hits the ground, takes a few big bites to finish it off and whips the excess grease and special sauce from his face. He keeps his hands up and awaits his thugs to make a move.


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