Stage 1A - Floppy Joe's

With a smile he moves towards the thugs that approach him and with a spin, delivers a thunderous Horse Kick to the thug at his left. He quickly returns to his stance with decisive speed.

Candy reacts quickly, rolling backwards off of her stool and jumping into a Princess Pirouette, hitting multiple enemies with the arc of her heel.

OK, in that case Vlad just waited in the first round, taunting his Pete and rolling his eyes as the gamertag appears over his head. Now, if his Pete is one square away.

T@citus_Prim3 uses Taunt! Vlad says: [B]"[You should have run..."/B]

T@citus_Prim3 moves! Vlad menacingly walks 1 space towards his opponent.

EDITED: Round 1:

Fast_10_Sp33d looks at the thug nearest to him, takes a step forward and says, "Bring it on!"

The thugs facing Vlad and the young man both takes the bait, as they rush to face their perspective challengers.
Perhaps they overestimated their strengths.

T@citus_Prim3 uses Spinal Tap! Vlad rushes past his opponent as the opponent advances, grabbing his Pete's face on the way. Once behind his opponent, he delivers a brutal knee that feels as if its made of metal, right to the spine!

Game announcer: "BRUTAL!"

EDITED: Round 1:

Jacob takes a deep breath as he turns to the other punk and moves into a duck. He smirks and drives his shoulder up into the core of the other foe. A thunderous shoulder uppercut drives into his opponents chest/core.

Fast_10_Sp33d stands his ground and says to the thugs, "What are you waiting for? Bring it on!"

The Thug in front of Vlad decides to go for a haymaker, but Vlad's a bit faster and lands a solid blow on the man's spine. He cries "Augh!", but seems to be still standing.

The other thug tries the same punch on Jacob, but only that Jacob had closed the distance sooner than he expected. A solid ram from Jacob's shoulder sends the man flying upwards. Jacob sees this and realizes he can attack his helpless opponent next turn.

Fast sees his opponent advance and and his lips curl into a cocky grin. Stepping quickly, his side to the thug, Fast_10_Sp33d's left foot shoots out in a devastating sidekick to the villains stomach. The kick is so fast and hard that the Thug is forced back grunting in pain.


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