Stage 1A - Floppy Joe's

T@citus_Prim3 uses Painkiller!

Game announcer: "DEADLY!"

With a roll of his eyes at the thug taking shots Jacob turns and sends his boot crashing into the skyward thug, delivering a power horse kick to the thug.

The thug attacking Fast was apparently thinking the same thing. He thought the kid was short so he also went for a low kick, their legs crashed into each other mid air and both attacks were neutralized.

The thug fighting Prime was obviously thinking that if his first try didn't work, maybe his second one would. Except he is wrong...again. As he winds up for another haymaker, Vlad grabs and pulls his head forward and lands a vicious elbow on the back of his neck. The thug is knocked unconscious and lies on the ground face down. His body flashes a few times before disappearing.

Jacob's spinning boot to the chest sends the other thug flying back, he is lucky as there is nothing behind him and simply lands on the ground.

Seeing Vlad has defeated his comrade, the punk named "Larry" Leaps into the fray. He looks less bulky but appears more agile than Pete.

Fast recovers quickly and move in close launching a flurry of lightening quick Jabs to his opponents face stunning the thug.

Vlad is very alarmed when his nameless opponent flashes and disappears. He thinks to himself- Who is pulling my strings? Why are bodies disappearing? What the hell is going on here?!

T@citus_Prim3's player thinks "HA! I'm gaining XP faster than the other n00bs! TPrime FTW! Now this little guy looks like a kicker... let's introduce him to the BONECRACKER. Heh.

T@citus_Prim3 uses Bonecracker!

Jacob stands where he is, waiting the thug to take to standing again as he motions for him to get up. "Come on big guy, you can't be tapped out yet!"

The Thug was lucky to block the young man's first kick, but he gets overconfident and throws a haymaker. The haymaker is too slow and he ends up receiving a solid blow to the nose. He is disoriented by the attack and keels over.

Fast_10_Sp33d responds just as his name suggests he would. As his Thug keels over he jumps in the air, his body moving forward with his foot snapping out in a solid kick to the side of his opponents head.

The Thug facing Jacob was taunted, he gets up hastily and runs at jacob with a quick jab, hitting him in the chin (1 damage)

The Punk sees Vlad and decides to do a low sliding kick aimed at Vlad's shins, except he was able to predict it. He catches the punks leg and performs a boston crab like wrestling move, causing his opponent to cry out in pain!

The young man sees the thug stunned, but before he could fall, Fast_10_Sp33d performs a quick leaping kick that connect with the man's jaw, sending him to the floor.

"Maybe your friend didn't teach you a lesson well enough..." Jacob says as he rubs his chin lightly before stepping forward a dropping a brutal stomp onto the top of his opponent's foot, close to the shin in a brutal heel stomp.


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