Non Sequitur

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Who Would Win

Xykon. Not so much for his own sake, although being epic level doesn't hurt... but because he exists in a universe that actually contains even a single three dimensional character.

My little pony. Or an actual pony.

My little pony. more people like to watch it, and they have magic.

Queen or Mika

Queen hands down, Mika might be talented and fresh but Queen is straight down legendary and probably the greatest band in the history of the world.

Zombie Pirate or Cyborg Ninja?

Cyborg Ninja, while I am in the pirate boat, the pirate is a freakin zombie and the cyborg ninja could just explosive kunai it in the face.

Jack Sparrow vs Tony Stark

Tony Stark. He has an awesome powersuit, of course he wins.

Firefox versus Chrome.

Rodrigo, because Spanish names just roll off the tongue. RODRIGO!

Ban-hammer vs. Hand-wavium

Ban-hammer, because THE LAW!
3.5 vs PF.

3.5, because broken is more better.

Ichigo vs Kyuubi


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