Non Sequitur

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Who Would Win

Hot. because if the source is near cold cant touch it. although if there is no fuel then cold hands down.

Tyr Anasazi or Ronon Dex

Ronan. Who at least has the good sense to NOT ally himself with the swarm of compassionless horrors that feed on his species.

Romulans or Dark Elves (not that there's a difference).

Romulans, as long as their name doesn't sound like "Drizzit".

Vlad Tepes or Tokugawa Ieyasu?

Cold, because you're sooner at a temperature where nothing can be alive if you go down than when you go up.

Dragon Age or Mass Effect?

Rock 'em. Because socks are lame and music is awsome.

Gish or assassin?

How about BOTH?! Gish Assassin FTW! (If I HAD to CHOOSE then Assassin for the flavor)

Duty vs Honor

I'm going to say that with duty being what you're obligated to do, and honor being what you should do, I'll go with honor any day.

Original series or Next Gen?

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