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Who Would Win

The two in the bush are obviously both ninja, adept at both stealth and ambushes. Whereas the one in the hand obviously already got caught.

PHP vs C++

PHP because the other is still, even with the ++, only slightly above average on a grading scale.

Ginger vs. Mary Ann

Ginger. It is only due to her sacrifice that Gilligan wasn't the dumbest character on the show. And we should respect that.

Immolation vs evisceration.

Evisceration. Why? See your latest game Immolation burns everything, while you can still get stuff from evisceration.

Always look on the bright side of life VS life is life

Sorry I have to say these old jokes, it can't be stopped. I'm pretty sure it's a medical condition.
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hot or cold
Hot, because anybody can catch a cold.
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Ginger vs. Mary Ann
Ginger, but you would be thinking about Mary Ann while you did it.

As to Kerim's Optimism vs Pragmatism I'm gonna have to give it to the catchy song.

Betty vs. Wilma

Betty, where else do you think her son learned "BAMM! BAMM!"

Tron (Tron) or Guardian #452, aka: Bob (Reboot)

Bob, EASILY. Even early on goofy version. And later on badass version would be too brutal to show on TV.

Magic zombies vs Infection zombies.

Infection zombies because magic as an excuse for becoming zombified (outside of AD&D) is retarded.

Leon Kennedy vs. Chris Redfield

Redfield, but only because Kennedy gets shot.

Politicians vs robber barons.

Politicians cos they do it legal

paladins v fighters

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