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Who Would Win

I don't see a clear answer in there anywhere. Sorry but I need to hear from Zell who he chose, just for my own sake of mind if nothing else. You may be right. I just don't know.

Sorry for the mix up.

I was just kidding, I actually think "Army of Darkness" wins hands down regardless of how awesomely hilarious "My name is Bruce" was.

Because AoD is just a badass classic.


Certitude vs Certainty

Certainty, because who uses certitude?

Life vs Undeath.

Life. They are smarter, and can take the un out of undeath.

Apples or pears?

Apples because they are much tastier.

Seth McFarland vs. Todd McFarlane.

Mighty Mouse. Because nostalgia.




(You totally didn't think that's the direction I was going, did you?)


She's a dancer. A romancer. I'm a Capricorn and she's a Cancer. She saw my picture in a music magazine.

Nature vs. Nurture

Nature. Because pigs can neither fly, nor sing, no matter how much time we spend teaching them, and wolves will remain wolves even if they try to eat grass with the sheep.

Potential vs accomplishment

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